Sunday, January 24, 2010


Traveling around the world thru the years introduced me to so many lovely customs, believes and figures. Today I want to introduce you one of them. Please meet Mr Ekeko from Bolivia.Well, he is a bit fat and short and may have some bad habits but he has so many things to offer and for God's sake, he is a GOD. He is the god of abundance and I brought him back with me from a trip to Bolivia couple years ago.

Every year on the 24th of January, you have to offer him some goods in return for an abundant year. So offer him banknotes to obtain money, grains for good harvest and some food to ensure prosperity.But as I told you he has some bad habits. He likes to drink and smoke. So to make sure that he will give you whatever you want you have to offer him a lit cigarette and some alcohol. If he smokes the cigarette you can be sure that you will have a year of full prosperity.

This year I offered him mint liquor as well as a cigarette and as you see he seems pretty pleased.I also put some images that represent travel and health to his basket that I cut from magazines. Last but not the least a small red heart to wish for lots of love to give and take.

Well, if you ask me his track record, believe me he is pretty good...


  1. I love traditions like this from around the world. That is a cute,funny little god!
    Enjoyed your post!.

  2. What a wonderful custom and a rather charming little god!

  3. He seems especially fond of the cigarette!

  4. I'd like one of those! He's a cute little god! Have a great week!-Jennifer:)

  5. Oh my goodness... I love him
    I want one too... i promise to give him cigarettes and alcohol and all the other goodies.. Only problem is.. it is already the 25th here.... so I missed out this year.. hahaha

    Hope you are well .. you and hubby and puppy.. ciao xx Julie

  6. "...a bit fat and short and may have some bad habits but he has so many things to offer and for God's sake, he is a GOD."

    Hahahahahahahaha! A fine ending to my evening. Fun post.

  7. LOL! funny god you have...keeps you happy and busy! :)

  8. ha,
    he is awesome!!!... i love him!
    i need one of those guys.
    great and funny post aysegul

    have a great day

  9. Oh he is just wonderful!! I have to give most of my friends alcohol and cigarettes and they are not God-like so I would be happy to have him around my house hopefully bringing me good luck.
    A Very fun post.

  10. what fun ! i'd be offerring him cigs all day long:)

    we had our cold time two weeks ago here, frost only. i lost all my large tropical plants in yard :(

  11. If his track record's that good, he can have whatever he wants.



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