Sunday, July 11, 2010

Total Eclipse

Today I read on the newspaper that some lucky few on the French Polynesia will observe a total solar eclipse. A very rare, extraordinary and a mystical experience.

I had the chance to see one on March 2006.When my friends invited me for the trip to see the eclipse, I was reluctant to go because it was visible on Side, a town on the Mediterranean coast which requires a 10 hours drive from İstanbul by bus. Well, to tell you the truth I wasnt thinking that it was such a big deal. How wrong could I be??

Finally I said yes and hopped on the bus with the rest. I was more interested to see the antic city of Side. At the end of the day it was a double bonus for me. I watched a wonderful show of the nature near the ancient pillars of Side.

We were lucky because it was a bright day with no clouds on the sky and the total darkness lasted couple minutes. I was expecting a semi darkness but it was dark as night.

But for some a nap was more important than everything. I remember taking this photo of a local just couple minutes before the eclipse.. 

Well, if you have a list of something like ''100 things to do before I die'' make one of the items 'to see a total solar eclipse' Its really a once in a life time experience.


  1. I think I saw the same eclipse in 2006 but here in France. I still have the special glasses from that time. These are special events.

  2. Thanks for showing us all the fun and funny things that go with the eclipse-viewing.
    So it becomes totally dark?
    Fantastic photo of the darkened sun.

    Too bad we can go see the coming eclipse.
    BUT our area will see the Perseids meteor shower on August 12!

  3. I loved the pictures and your anecdotes to go along. Eclipse is fascinating, huh? So is a nap though....

    Love to you
    peace and hope....

  4. I remember seeing one when i was in grade school and we had to view it through a pin holoe in cardboard. And even then we were only told to look at its shadow. So they have special glasses now? I love those columns on the beach! There are so many amazing places in the world that I hope to see one day. Until then, I'll just come to your blog! Thank you! Jennifer:)

  5. Wonderful pictures. What a great experience.

  6. what a great experience and such a beautiful place to view one :) lucky you!

  7. Lovely pictures!! I saw one in 1991, it was visible in Mexico and it was predicted by the Mayas 600 years ago. It was pretty cool to see the day turn night for a couple of minutes...



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