Sunday, August 8, 2010

Summer Pastime

Long, hot summer afternoons definitely require minimum pysical and brain activity. Reading some light novels as well as making some easy doilies are my favorite pastime activities. I do not usually connect much to internet during this time of the day as I feel like the heat coming from the computer adds to the heat of the room.

I usually read couple books together. Here is the one I read from English. Story of Rumi and Shams written by Turkish author Elif Safak. Novels about Rumi are quite popular in Turkey for the last couple years.

here is one of the 40 rules of love from the book,

'' Try not to resist the changes that come your way. Instead let life live through you. And do not worry that life is turning upside down. How do you know that the side that you are used to is better than the one to come''

The author is a controversial figure here. She is a beautiful lady, markets her books and herself very well and become the role model of the newly established religious bourgeoisie. As the rise of Islam due to the governing Islamic party is a very scary issue for most of us, I am quite sceptical about her.

However recently she made a fabulous speech at TED. Stories about her childhood are definitely very interesting to listen. You can watch her speech from here


  1. You make doilies like the one in the picture?! Quite a skill.
    I agree about the computer-generated heat. My notebook computer gets so hot I need a tea towel under my wrists. It also gives me little electrical shocks when my skin is moist with sweat. But you are stronger than me in being able to shut it down for a few hours. :)

    OK, I watched the video and liked it. Very interesting what you write about this author and the situation.

    (BTW, back when I used to hike with the Nature Protection Society, we would sleep under the desert stars out in the wilderness. When it was dark, the guide would tell stories to the group--and they were always about the djinn!)

  2. I love that quote. Looks like some great reading materials.

  3. Well if that is your doily you certainly have a talent for it.. so perfectly formed..

    You know I love this quote.. it is really speaking to me at the moment.. perhaps I should get the book.. if not for that reason... the artwork on the cover is lovely.. haha

    Sorry my photos are displaying for you. I wonder if anyone else is having that issue... It;s just my Ralph Lauren bedding and some vintage photos of my mum...

    Have a lovely week.. xxx Julie

  4. love the quote as well, and agree! i've heard of the book, i think i will get a copy and give it a read.
    thanks for your sweet comments regarding our soon to be kindergartener!

  5. p.s.
    your doilies are very amazing! my icelandic mother in law makes them, but yours have much tinier details..aka harder!!!

  6. This video is so interesting to me. She has amazing charisma and what she says about stereotypes is so true. I will try to find the book. Your doily is really intricate and beautiful......

  7. I am also always trying to read all the books I do not have time to read during every - day time!

  8. Hello Aysegul,that book looks interesting.I have read one of Elif Shafak's books 'The flea palace'(in dutch translated'Het luizenpaleis)and I remember her humorous style and great talent to observe,I did like that book.I'm off now to watch the video.
    Your doily picture looks very peaceful.

  9. Watched the video,it's true what she tells there,and she explains her point of vieuw clearly.
    'beware of the power of circles',that's a phrase that brings images to me which will get there place in a painting sooner or later ....Thanks

  10. I haven't read her books but I watched the video. I like her ideas about reaching outside of our circles to get past our stereotypes of each other.

  11. The Islamic issues are very concerning as are some reactions to it. Very interesting about the author.

  12. Great video with wise words!
    I love these kind of videos. It makes me happy that there are people who are trying to unite us.
    Thanks for sharing!

  13. thank you for sharing that video lecture. i found it interesting. she is a powerful speaker.
    and, ha, that quote accurately reflects my life at this moment. i love it
    ~laura x

  14. What an interesting book... I love the rule about the changes in life... I wonder if we can buy it online?

  15. I do like that "rule of love". It makes much sense.

  16. I haven't read that book. it seems interesting to read though. I may buy it one day.

  17. Me again

    Glad my pics are showing now.. Just noticed your new banner.. fabulous.. so perfect.. azure.. and the sickle moon ..door knocker??

    have a great weekend.. xxx Julie

  18. love the quote. Very true I think. A very interesting study has just been published about how people respond to mistakes they make - and how we all need to re-think our approach. Food for thought.



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