Thursday, January 27, 2011

Village Markets

It looks like , the travelling merchants and the  local farmers are establishing a new market everyday of the week in a different village, in our little peninsula. They are always a great place to meet with locals and shop for your necessities. As there are no big stores in villages, it is possible to find almost anything. Here is a one, we stopped last week..

Waiting for customers is easier with a game of backgammon..
 and who can resist to listen some gossip..
A sewing machine repairman displaying his goods..


  1. Interesting pics. Somehow life is going on there without Walmart. I'm amazed at the variety of merchandise and the social interaction.

  2. Sitting on a propane tank can't be that comfy!

  3. Wow, it's another world, isn't it? A CHARMING one, one with a lot of grace.

  4. it all looks so beautiful with the mountains in the background !
    in canada theres 20 different choices for breakfast cereal(probably more)or shampoo in every store but no mountains where i am.
    great post
    ~laura x

  5. Babushkas and plastic seem an odd juxtaposition to me, probably because I haven't traveled in this part of the world. Everyone looks like they're enjoying themselves.

  6. Oh what fun! I love outdoor markets! Wal-Mart just isn't the same!


  7. Village markets are always interesting!!! I esp. love the veggies market here which is so damn colorful!!!
    Mohanur Temple Tour - Part 2

  8. Yes, village markets are the best.

  9. Sometimes these open air village markets have wonderful things to buy.
    Sendin greetings from Budpaest, Hungary



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