Friday, December 4, 2009


Yesterday it was my birthday. I woke up early and was having my tea on the balcony, watching the pink and purple clouds surrounding the Symi island. It was a magical and peaceful moment, I felt so lucky and blessed. Couple minutes later my phone gave a signal of an e-mail. I was expecting 'happy birthday' calls and mails but definitely not this early.

It was from my dear friend Sara from Iran. I know that some of you knew Sara from her blog She used to give us wonderful images from her city. Unfortunately she had to stop. I hope she will start again someday..

Sara sent me this lovely poem which was exactly matching my feelings of the time. Coincidance? Most probably not..Before sharing it with you let me tell you that I am so blessed that I know all of you.

Instead of counting candles,
Or tallying the years,
Contemplate your blessings now,
As your birthday nears.

Consider special people
Who love you and who care,
And others who've enriched your life
Just by being there.

Think about the memories
Passing years can never mar,
Experiences great or small
That have made you who you are.

Another year is a happy gift,
So cut your cake, and say,
''Instead of counting birthdays,
I count blessings every day!''

If you are wondering so far I have counted 45 birthdays...


  1. Congratulations!!!!! I hope you had a great time!!! and I'm so happy that you feel so happy ;) Enjoy your days in the sea...

  2. Now that is a gift to treasure!! 'Counting blessings every day instead of counting years' sounds like a lovely, healing idea.

    Happy Birthday!!! I, too, am so happy to have found you here in the blogosphere, and always look forward to your posts and comments.

  3. Happy belated birthday! Of course, I automatically spotted Hera in the mirror.

  4. Forty-five is a wonderful age to be! Birthday blessings to you all year long!

  5. Love your new pup in the mirror and the birthday wishes from your friend are just beautiful.

    Congratulations and Happy Birthday!

  6. Happy Birthday and I love, love, love this poem...and I am still so in love with Hera! I just want to grab those ears and kiss that face!

    I'm blessed to know you.

    much love

  7. Happy Birthday! And I hope you enjoyed your day, although it sounds like you had a blast! That is one lovely piece of writing that feels so sincere, because it is from a friend. Take care and enjoy every day of life.


  8. Mazal tov on starting a new year of life!
    Wishing you many more new blessings.

    So good to hear about Sara.

  9. What a beautiful poem and such a wonderful person to send this to you on your very special day!

    Absolutely love the photo of sweet pup in the mirror!

  10. Happy Birthday!
    Life is good...
    Take care!

  11. is short! Dogs make everything fun. Dog walking is the best therapy and always a great time to mull over everything. You are on a roll...........

  12. Happy birthday !!! you are a sagittarian .... me too . that is a very special poem
    i wish you all the best

  13. Sevdiklerinizle beraber nice mutlu sağlıklı yıllar ve yaşam dilerim.

  14. It is we who are blessed to have gotten to know you. Happy Birthday, Aysegul.

  15. Lovely poem to receive!

    Happy Birthday.

  16. Happy birthday!! Such a lovely poem to make you happier:) it's certainly for keeps.

  17. Heartly wishes for your birthday dear Aysegul!

  18. I hope that you had a very happy birthday!

  19. I hope you had a wonderful birthday! Love is our greatest blessing.

    I'm thrilled that you heard from Sara. If you have a chance, please give her my greetings.

  20. Happy Birthday Sweet Friend..How blessed to have lived 45 beautiful years and to have a nice friend to send you such a lovely poem. I'm 44 and love getting older, I think it is so beautiful to have all these memories plus the hope of many many more to come.

  21. Fantastic image and poem! It's so important to count our many blessings. :-)

  22. Happy B'day Aysegul.. That's a beautiful gift u've got from Sara...

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  23. Let me to say hello to my nice friends Dina and Petrea from here,
    Today was the student day in Iran and we had a Green day again. I want to say all, never belive the news from Iranian Government as far as all of them are LIE. Today, we again protest and they again crushed...

  24. sorry my best wishes are late...

    you YOUNG thing!

  25. Don't worry Sara, we know.

    Don't want to hijack your blog, Aysegul. I'm just glad to hear word of Sara.

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  27. Happy belated birthday! What a beautiful poem. I LOVE photo of Hera.



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