Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A night at home

Hubby is out of town and the puppy is in a deep sleep after her dinner. It was chicken purina and water for her and a glass of wine and avocado for me. It was a quiet and peaceful night. I am listening music ( incredible Fazil Say on the piona) and playing with the camera..
I love my house. I feel safe ,secure and happy here..I think its extremly important to create a surrounding like that.
Well, actually I was planning to introduce a Turkish painter on this post but somehow I couldnt find a photo of him. On my birthday my mother took me to his studio and asked me choose one of his paintings. Mr. Feridun Ugur is quite well known here and his second country Holland with his water colors.He is painting big and vibrant flowers. However I decided to go with a rather daring one. A nude.
I dont know what you think about it but we really enjoy having her in our living room. On the other side of the room we have another painting from him. A donkey painted in oil. Do you think that we have a rather strange taste???
Well, the leaf on the nude and the leaves and berries around the candle are the todays find of our excursion at the park with Hera. She will probably eat the berries tonight while I am sleeping but for now they are still OK. I am in the habit of putting autumn leaves every where in the house in this season. I think they are too good to throw into the garbage once they fell out of the tree. I wish you a peaceful night,too. Or day, if you are on the other side of the world..:))


  1. That sounds so good! here we have a quiet night, too. I am learning my tommorow's lesson about the history of Islam. My mom is making orange juice, Behrooz watching TV and dad reading news... :)

  2. Love your choice of painting. The nude is beautiful. The ambiance and lighting you have there for a quiet night at home are just right.

    I will have a rare evening alone as my husband is going out with my daughter who is shopping for a new car and wants his advice. There is much for me to do, but I think I will be quite self-indulgent and read with a glass of wine. You are setting a wonderful example for me!!

  3. What a lovely evening!!! And I like the painting very much!!! I love to be at home too... I also feel happy and secure when I'm there.

  4. You have a very good taste. Elegant house!

  5. Sounds good. Looks good.

    Will you show us the donkey too?

  6. Yes, a comfortable and happy home is the most important thing.

  7. Your photos are beautiful and yes, I agree that feeling at home in your home is most important - so few people do. That nude is absolutely gorgeous; you have exquisite taste, of course! Congratulations on that lovely addition to your paintings. I'm sure you will enjoy it forever, along with the special memory that it was your mother who got it for you. Memories like that are treasures...


  8. A quiet evening in a cozy house; things don't get much better. I like to collect fall leaves too. Especially when they first start changing here.

    I like the painting. We're looking for some bigger pieces of art to put up on our walls. It's hard to find just the right piece.

  9. I'm a nest type too!
    It's important that home feels like home, not a stage or a scene.
    Have a great day!

  10. Hi Sweetheart, Thanks for stoping by with your sweet self.
    I love the nude.I'm doing a nude statue right now.I ts about 2 ft tall.Its ceramic bisque.It was given to me unpainted.It belong to my best friend who passed not to long ago.I thought I would finish it for her.
    Everybody has different taste.Wouldn't it be boring if we all live in the same house? My decor is a little of this and that.
    Happy belated birthday Hon. Many many more to you.
    May God bless you Hon,
    XXOO Marie Antionette

  11. You have such a wonderful collection of original art and this sensitive nude is annother fine painting to add to it. I like how you tucked a leaf into the frame, as if the leaf was falling from a tree and was caught on it's way down by the frame.

  12. Hi, Your nude painting is gorgeous and the lighting and ambiance around it is so peaceful. I could move right in and be very happy there. I am looking for a nude for our home, have not found one yet.

  13. Not too sure I would like a nude hanging in my lounge, but she looks ok, rather muscley but ok.
    I do like the candle.

  14. i love the painting !! it is so beautiful.
    your home looks so wonder you want to spend time there!

    have a good day

  15. Hi There
    I totally agree one needs to feel comfortable safe and happy in their home. I'm currently living in a unit and not so fussed but 'one day' will have my own home and yes.. I will want to fill it with art and things that inspire me.

    I think any art is wonderful if it creates the right mood or brings you joy!! Have fun xxx Julie

  16. This post is so fantastic !! I enjoyed reading it..Great

  17. Nice painting... Yes, I guess you guys have real strange taste.. :D

    Looking into the EYES!!! at Savoir-Faire
    My Little Black Dress at Fashion Panache

  18. What a wonderful comfy corner to hang out and enjoy an evening. I have some leaves framed. Love them.

  19. My husband studied art. He doesn't want to hang anything on the walls because he says it would be like listening to the same record over and over again. We will perhaps invest in a collection of things we can change every few days. For now, our walls are bare.

    It doesn't matter. We love our home and each other. And like you, we collect things on our walks. They're like little gifts and they beautify the shelves and windowsills.

  20. "She will probably eat the berries tonight while I am sleeping..."

    Hahahaha! Sounds like a puppy. I very much like the nude painting. Gives me ideas for what I might like on my walls when we downsize in a few years. How my tastes will no doubt change completely. Enjoy the wine and the avocado. Perhaps that's why you are skinny and I'm not. Will not say all I had for dinner last night.

  21. Your home looks like a very peaceful place. Don't worry about what others think. (Somehow I don't think you really do!)



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