Monday, February 15, 2010

Eastern Turkey - Diyarbakir

As always happens during this time of the year, I was bitten by the travel bug and I am itching to hit the roads again. It's not finalized yet but I will probably be traveling on some parts of the ancient silk road in the coming months..Still dreaming about it.

While I am dreaming and planning let me take you to the eastern parts of Turkey, which is unknown to many who visited this country. The city of Diyarbakir is the largest one in southeastern Turkey. It is not in the destination of many traveler due to the Kurdish terrorist activities in this area. However its a beautiful city so much rich with history and culture.

It is possible to see the 5.5 km long old city walls made of from black basalt around the old parts of the town. It is very striking..

You could always find old men in the garden of the Grand Mosque. They are always ready to tell you about their city.

Entrance of the Grand Mosque which was built in 11th century. Very similar architecture with the Grand Mosque of Damascus although this is a rather small version.

Traditional house with lovely decorations on the walls.

An artisan making the last touches of a water jug which was later purchased by me. Using it as a vase right now.

Arches of an old Armenian church left to decay in 1883. Ceiling made of mud gone many many years ago..


  1. It is beautiful! The traditional house is stunning!

  2. Hi-

    oh my goodness how I love these pictures as they ring so familiar to me - I loved taking this trip with you to Eastern Turkey - "thank you" for this journey. We once traveled to Bucada - an Island with no cars, only horse and cart - fascinating. We were told it is inhabited mainly by rich Germans. It was so beautiful.. We also went to Bursa - known as the suede capital of the world! And we climbed a mountain called "Uladog" - got held captive by wild dogs for several hours until thy grew weary and left us alone - very frightening. I loe revisiting Turkey with you. :-)

    Love Gail

  3. What a beautiful city! And old men are the same everywhere -- always got a good story to tell you about their town!

  4. You're going on the Silk Road, wow!
    Meanwhile these pictures of Diyarbakir are fabulous.

  5. The Silk Road? Can't wait to hear the details.

    It looks like a lovely city, and I love to see craftsmen at their trade. The water jug is gorgeous.

  6. A lovely tour. Magnificent ruins of the Armenian church. And what a lovely vase you purchased. Hope you will share many photos of your trip.

  7. Wow! amazing!!!
    You know that how much I am interested in historical places...

    BTW, Yesterday I graduated from the college and my thesis indexed as the Top one :)

  8. Aysegul, this is a part of Turkey that I'm not too familiar with. It is amazing and ancient. The water pitcher is a lovely treasure to have.

  9. Amazing photos!!! it looks like a very interesting city!

  10. aysegul
    awesome photos .... the water jug is so pretty. do you know what it is made from?

    have a good week

  11. Love the traditional house!Thanks for showing us scenes off the beaten track.

  12. Traditional house?! Are you kidding me? Beautiful photos...those of the Armenian church are a bit haunting.

  13. lovely travel photos..wish i could have joined you :)

  14. Ooh - what a stunning city. It's great to visit vicariously through you - if I can't get there myself!! Maybe one day...

  15. Fascinating and very reminiscent of my trips to northern Turkey and some of the old towns there. Great pictures.

  16. I love the photos with men chatting!
    Betty xx



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