Wednesday, February 24, 2010


After spending the long winter days at home raising Hera the puppy, we finally decided to take a test trip with her last week. The weather was excellent and we went to my mother's home in Eskisehir. A mid Anatolian city where I grew up.

Eskisehir means old town and in my childhood it was really an old town in the sense that it was decaying and nobody was really taking care of her. There were not enough job opportunities and everybody including the young Aysegul were dreaming of going to a university in a big city and settle there.

Things changed dramatically since then thanks to a single man.He is Yilmaz Buyukersan and in those days he became the dean of the university at the city.Thru the years he raised the standarts of the Anatolia University to compete with the best and attracted so many young students to the city.

Later he elected as the the mayor and he is still in that position although he is from a very small political party. As a mayor, he changed the whole look of the city with huge and wonderful projects and taught so many people a wonderful lesson. A single man with a vision could change everything. Now Eskisehir is a wonderful city to live and attracts so many local tourist..

An old factory building turned into a shopping mall. Restored old buildings on the grounds were used as a coffee shop and art gallery.

Hubby happily chatting with local ladies.

As for Hera, she enjoyed the whole trip although she peed once to her grandmother's precious carpets and dug several holes to her well groomed gardens. We think that she is growing and a lot more manageble but I am sure that mom has other ideas.

Well, of course this is not all. I have couple more posts coming from this trip..


  1. I loved this post of yours, especially chatting with the local ladies. What a fascinating place. Thank you

  2. That is an inspiring story about Yilmaz Buyukersan's dedication and achievements for the city.
    Nice photos too.

    I had a dog for a short time half a century ago, until he dug a hole in my mother's living room carpet. :(
    So it could have been worse, Hera's little mistakes.

  3. Its amazing the difference that one person can make. Great photographs.

  4. it is amazing what one visionary can do..doesnt it make you wonder what our world would/could really be like if everyone reached such wonderful for everyone, creativity surrounding every space, beauty. i guess a university with thirsty minds is the best place to plant your visionary seeds!

  5. Beautiful city! Those ladies are completely ignoring your husband!

  6. Beautiful place and even more beautiful the photos! Kind regards.

  7. wonderful post...Hera is getting so big!

  8. Hi Aysegul
    What a lovely post and inspiring story of someone who had a dream for the city he loved! Your hubby looks happy with those two ladies!! hehe and Hera has grown so big and still adorable!! He has such a serene and trusting face... Have a great week xx Julie

  9. What a nice story about your city! I wish here in Mexico the majors had that kind of vision. Your dog is so lovely!!!!

  10. Wonderful to see what the inspiration and determination of one man can do. Your home town looks lovely.

  11. I loved these photos! Great skills!
    Beautiful city!. Thank you!
    Betty xx

  12. You are showing me a part of the world that is all new to me, and I thank you for it. Just love those two golden people on the bench. How special is that!

  13. Nice story and nice Photos. Your hubby seems so happy with sitting behind those ladies, take care Aysegul ;)

  14. Değerli Ayşegül hanım bilgilendirmeniz için çok teşekkür ediyorum,sayenizde Eskişehir hakkında bayağı bilgi sahibi olduk,bu güzellikleri yansıtmanız dileklerimle,herşey gönlünüze göre olsun.

  15. It's so wonderful to see old cities rejuvenation rather than left to ruin. As usual, a great post. Very interesting.

  16. What Yilmaz Buyukersan achieved for his university and city are a great inspiration. A wonderful posting, one of your best. And Hera has grown so much ... she's not a tiny puppy anymore, but she's still as beautiful as ever.

  17. Hello Sweety,
    It was so good to hear from you. Your Hera is also a beauty. Is she a beagle?.They do tend to dig holes.They love to hunt.There are lots of beagles here in the south.Alot of country boys, that hunt and fish.
    That is a most beautiful city.I woild love to shop in that old building thats a mall now.
    Yes one good man can change alot. We need more like him all over the world.
    Your such a sweet person and I hope the very best for you and your hubby.
    May God bless you,and keep you safe on your travels,
    XXOO Marie Antionette

  18. Yilmaz Buyukersan has done a fine job! The town looks very beautiful. Hera look so cute.She has grown up well. Marvelous post!

  19. aysegul

    i imagine it feels nice for you to go back to your home and see so many positive changes. it looks like a beautiful city. the mall looks very interesting.

    have a good weekend

  20. So happy to see you're traveling again and sharing photos of your beautiful country!

    How wonderful that you can travel back to the town you grew up in and see it lovingly restored. I like when they take old buildings and turn them into shops and such. They've done that here in the South with some of the grand old homes.

    I love the statue with the birds, when I enlarged it the man has such a peaceful look on his face and doesn't seem to mind. I'm sure it takes a lot to keep it clean, but it does look like the birds enjoy it, lol.

    I love that water jug from your last post, how special to watch it being made and then bring it home to enjoy. It is beautiful!

  21. Yilmaz Buyukersan sounds like the kind of man who knows how to get people involved with his vision. That's a great gift!

  22. Hi Aysegul! Sorry for another long absence, but after a busy start of the year I decided to make a break during the Carnival week, anticipating new hard weeks ahead!!

    This seems a lovely ending story; but a great challange for the successoirs to keep the pace and make your youth town a lovely place to live and visit...

    Meanwhile, Blogtrotter 2 (there is a new one, you know...) is in Haiti, waiting for your comments. Hope you enjoy and have a great weekend!!



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