Monday, March 1, 2010

Old houses in Eskisehir

On my previous post I took you to a small tour of my hometown Eskisehir and mentioned how it has transformed from an old and forgetten city to one of the most modern ones in Turkey thanks to a vision of a single man. One of the biggest project he undertook was to restore the old parts of the town.The neighbourhood which is called Odunpazari was full of shabby and neglected houses during my childhood.However with a big restoration project most of the houses that are dated to the Ottoman period started to have a wonderful new life. Project is still continuing and there are still houses waiting for their new life.

And now let me take you to a small tour into the streets of this beautiful neighbourhood.

Some houses are bigger than the others and here is an interior view of a one which is used as a glass museum right now.

Eskişehir is also famous with its meerschaum and they did not forget the artists who created beautiful items especially pipes from meerschaum. There is a special market for them in this neighbourhood.


  1. Amazing how they can be given such new life.
    Maybe it is good to leave a few houses undone, the better to appreciate the renovations?

    Cute picture of Hera with tail pointing, together with her best friend.

  2. HI There
    The meerschaum carvings are fascinating.. I have never seen this before... gorgeous... I love all the colourful houses also.. even the non-renovated houses have quite an appeal!! Another interesting post.. Hera and yourself look keen to explore.. Have a great week xx Julie

  3. How old can turn to gold! New life is breathed into the houses. Well done!!

  4. It's very interesting architecture, how the 2nd storey juts out over the 1st. Beautiful restoration!

  5. What beautiful and colorful buildings. I really enjoyed this.

  6. Beautifully restored - still so unique and fitting for the place. Love the courtyards. You look very content.

  7. Hi-

    oh my how beautiful and historic. Great pictures. And meerschaum? I remember buying things made of meerschaum at the bazaars. Isn't in preserved volcanic ash?

    Thank you for bringing me back to Turkey - I have the best of memories. :-)

    Love to you

  8. Hi Aysegul! March has arrived and maybe this awful winter will be gone...
    Lovely shots! Wonderful stroll...

    Meanwhile, Blogtrotter 2 is still in Haiti, now at Malfini Beach waiting for your comments. Hope you enjoy and have a great week!!

  9. hi aysegul

    wow its neat how you can see the potential in the houses that arent finished yet.
    im not familiar with meerschaum. can you tell me what it is?


  10. It's so great that they don't just knock the old houses down like we often do here in the States. Great photos, before and after. Thanks for sharing.

  11. I would so love to travel to Turkey. I hope some day.

  12. The layers of colors on the old houses are just gorgeous. Thanks for sharing these photos of your hometown.

  13. Incredible to believe these buildings date to the Ottoman Empire. I am shocked how my country pulls down buildings built only 20 years or so ago.

    That puppy is sure cute. Hope he has calmed for you. Puppies - always keep you busy.

  14. Aysegul, lovely photos of restoration. Hera is adorable and having a nice time!! I enjoyed the architecture.

  15. I love the look of the old houses. It's wonderful to see the old details preserved in the renovation. I live in a town (Pasadena, CA) where old buildings are preserved (not all America tears down old buildings). That's the main reason I moved here.

  16. Wow, these photographs are fantastic.

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    January Asia
    Steven Hui

  18. nice city :) I made also a photo project about that area in the city

  19. I like the colorful and the beautiful neighborhood! However, the old and neglected houses caught my attention. The house that I bought recently was too damaged. But when it was renovated, it became even more glamorous than a mansion! =)

    Sandra Ludwig



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