Friday, March 26, 2010

Fresh Herbs

As I have limited internet connection here, I couldnt post in the past days as much as I would love to. But what can I say..Life is slow here, so does the internet. So far no problem..

Our days are filled with long walks and long lunch breaks in different parts of our peninsula. So far weather is so good and I believe I already got some suntan. One of the main activities of the season is to pick wild greens and herbs. Local ladies are extremly succesful in finding them and farmers market is full of wonderful greenstuff every week. Favorite salad of the season is to make one with mixing 7-8 different herbs and greens.

As we are rather amateur in finding them we settled with the easy ones where you could find almost everywhere. Our picks were fresh thyme and french lavender.There are different types of thyme but I like the taste and the smell of the ones that we took.

To make tea from the flowers of the french lavender is good for many health problems and known to be protective against cancer. We use fresh ones nowadays but dried ones are also good for winter months.


  1. wonderful ! Have a lovely weekend

  2. This reminds me of Armenia! We'd drive out in the country and everywhere you'd see women hunched over in the fields picking herbs. The hills and mountains there are pure and untouched by human agriculture so the herbs are full of good nutrients.

    The Armenians have a long tradition of using herbs for everything that ails you, and I hope their knowledge doesn't get wiped out by modern medicine!

  3. how nice that you can gather your own.
    i just bought small pots of herbs and have them by the bbq grill..for easy snips while cooking outside :)

  4. I bet it smells good too.
    So good you take time to enjoy.

  5. ahhh the aroma must just be divine! beautiful

  6. It must smell wonderful there!

  7. Time spent collecting herbs sounds like a magical perfect thing to me. I can almost smell them from here...



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