Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Daisies everywhere..

During this time of the year whole Datca peninsula is covered with daisies.In 15 days time another color will be added to this white and yellow symphony. Red of the poppies.

Apart from filling all the vases in so many houses, they are also filling many stomachs in this part of the world. One of my favorite salad of this season is made from daisies. Receipe is very simple: Collect the stems of the unflowered daisies. Boil them and after they cool add lemon, garlick and olive oil. Just yummy....


  1. It's such beautiful countryside.

  2. How beautiful. I bet those stems taste delicious - I love any kind of greens!

  3. That sounds delicious- I wish that I could be there to hand pick and taste the fresh salad :).

  4. I like dandelions in salads. I didn't know you could do daisies as well. I will have to try that.

    Gorgeous pictures.

  5. endless daisies, so wonderful to see!

  6. beautiful spring sight..
    and it would be so fun to pick fresh daisys for a healthy bite to eat :) thank you sharing

  7. Beautiful photos! I had no idea any part of daisies is edible.

  8. Stems of daisies? I had no idea. I love to see the photos of all the wildflowers and thank you for the daisy tip. :D

  9. And all of these gorgeous flowers free from nature! In Armenia the hills are covered with wild flowers like this - stunning. And all the fresh spring herbs are wonderful and you know they grow in clean air and have not been sprayed with chemicals.

    Never heard of the salad of the stems of daisies, but there is so much more good to eat than many of us know. So many of us get our food from supermarkets only. Very convenient, but we do miss out on some good stuff!

  10. hello aysegul

    daisies are one of my fav flowers. they are so hardy and clean.
    and i did not know they were edible. that is a bonus

    have a great day

  11. I've never tried the salad but as I love fresh salads, I'm sure I'd love this one. Thanks for making me relax with your photos of serenity.

  12. Amazing landscape!!! I love daisies too but I have never eat them! the salad sounds yummi I think I'll try it once

  13. Wow, I never thought of eating daisies, but, I do love to look at their cheery little faces.

    Will check back for your photos of the red poppies.
    I love poppies.



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