Thursday, March 11, 2010

Master Sitki

Whenever I pass thru Kutahya, a city in mid Anatolia, there is a place I have to go. It is the store of a ceramic artist known as Master Sitki. Ceramic tiles used in the decoration of palaces and mosques for centuries in this country. It was a way for artists to express themselves when Islam prohibited most types of painting.

Sitki Usta (usta means master) is the most famous contemprary name in the world of ceramics here and guess what?? he was selected as one of the living human treasures by Unesco. Isnt it cool??? His love to his art led him to resurface the formula of certain colors which have been lost centuries ago.Please take some time an look at his wonderful works at . He is a real treasure.

As I said I love stopping at his store whenever it is possible. Although most of his works are beyond my budget I like to look around and if possible try to add something to my little collection of animals. This time an alligator came home with me..

And here are some birds from him.

First photo is from here


  1. Wow! You have the works of a 'living human treasure'. I do admire people who devote their energies into making sure old formulas and techniques are not lost. He also looks like a very happy fellow!

  2. Those ceramics are really quite remarkable.

  3. Beautiful things you show and Sitki Usta looks like a beautiful soul, a living treasure indeed.
    I enjoyed the English version of his website. So many wondrous creations he has made!

    Here in my city I've become a fan of the traditional ceramic artists, so this post is so interesting for me.

  4. gorgeous. how lucky you are to have a living treasure's shop nearby!

  5. I didn't know Unesco selected people to be living human treasures! that's so nice. And you have bought really lovely pieces. It would be amazing some day to pass and buy something in this store...

  6. Soo pretty pieces!! I absolutely love them:)
    Lovely colours!
    Betty xx

  7. The platter is beautiful! I love the bright colors he uses, and the pretty designs he applies to his animals. I think I would have chosen an alligator, too!

  8. That plate's a master piece, and the animals are so fun!

  9. I luv the vivid! Thanks for visiting me today, and let me know if you have suggestions about my trip to Spain. It's my first time that part of Europe.

  10. Beautiful! I love to bring back a piece of ceramic when I travel. I have some lovely pieces from Italy and Portugal.

  11. I absolutely love the birds! And turquoise is such a popular color for ceramic and porcelain in the Mediterranean region, in general. It's such an uplifting color, and so reminds of the sea. Thanks for sharing!


  12. Hey There
    I'm sure you know I love the colour blue and the sea.. so all of these beauties are calling me... the platter depicting the sail ship is incredible.. such wondrous blues.. I'll check the link... Have a great weekend.. xx Julie

  13. I once bought some ceramics in Italy. I still love them! (Hello, Hera)

  14. hi aysegul
    GORGEOUS works of art. i have a few special ceramics from my travels. if i get to turkey, i will look for him.
    i thought of you when i heard about the earthquake. your country is in my thoughts

  15. I love the bright colors and the craftmanship. I am absolutely drooling over that plate.



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