Saturday, March 6, 2010

Aizanoi Antic City

We were planning to visit the Aizanoi antic city and its impressive temple of Zeus for a while.We took the opportunity to visit it while visiting my mom in Eskisehir.It is located in the nearby city of Kutahya. It needed some extra travelling but totally worth the trouble. Of course Hera the puppy was with us, visiting the temple of her unfaithful husband.

Temple was built in the 2nd century by the Romans.

The basement of the building is as interesting as the temple itself. Thanks to impressive technics of the Roman builders, the huge temple stands on top of this basement for centuries, in an area where big earthquakes hit several times in the history.

My little archaeologist keenly observed every detail of the antic theatre but couldnt find anything to eat.

The round building located right in the center of the nearby village used as a stock exchange building during the Roman period.

A part of the antic road with its beautiful columns could still be seen today in the village.


  1. The beauty and architectural wonder of those structures takes my breath away. How lucky you are to have them in your history-laden country. Here our history goes back 300 years at the most - so it is always a treat to see your photographs.

  2. I am just in awe from every one of these photos.
    And glad that Zeus did not appear and reclaim sweet Hera.

  3. Can't help but imagine what it must have been in those times, when these places were part of their everyday life.

    Truly, the romance of history.

  4. It's incredible how they could've build these massive wonders in those days.
    You found real treasures...
    Have a great weekend!


  5. Thanks for the tour! When I am in old places like these, I always wonder how people lived or worked in them, how they moved around in them. They are magnificent structures, but they are so empty now. Wish I could take a peak into history!

  6. Great photographs. And you can just walk around and look at things closely instead of being held back by ropes. Wonderful place.

  7. I so enjoy seeing the history you provide in your pics! Marvelous architecture and your photos are great!

  8. How wonderful! The atmosphere must be amazing. The marks of so many people remain. I always feel like part of the living past when I roam over ruins. Thanks for the look!

  9. Did Hera howl in the temple, taking Zeus to task? Beautiful ruins -- those Romans built to last!

  10. The ruins always have a haunting effect.. So does this one too..
    And your little archeologist is so cool... :)

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  11. What an amazing place! Thank you for sharing it with us. Jennifer:)

  12. I just kept repeating the word "wow" while reading this post. I think it is absolutely amazing that you can get so close to something that is that ancient. How humbling. Thanks for the photos and history.

  13. those are really amazing photos. and i love that you can walk around and touch. you can also really see the roman influence in the architecture.

    have a great weekend

  14. This looks really cool.

  15. I am in awe looking at these great photos of those structures!
    Thank you for sharing with us!
    So interesting blog you have!
    Betty xx

  16. Your pictures are always excellent! Have a great week ahead!

  17. wow! the stonework you are standing near is gorgeous. unbelievable that so much remains after so much time and history! thanks you for sharing. who is the face/stonework of?

  18. I always thought the only place to find Roman architecture was in Roman! I am still amazed to find it in other places....such as the town of Evora, Portugal which has something very similar to what you show here.

    As always, fascinating, thanks for sharing. I love that you take Hera with you most everywhere you go. I bet she does, too.

  19. so gorgeous and these photos have such a wonderful light to them..
    Love seeing little Hera there also.. Have a great week xx Julie

  20. Aysegul, Hera has a lovely life, traveling all over visiting such glorious history. Your pictures are splendid and capture every detail of the architecture.
    Have a nice week

  21. Very interesting ruins, I can't image what that big basement was used for, but it has survived quite well. very nice photos, and Hera had a great time.

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