Monday, November 22, 2010


Almost all my travels start with a single image. Mostly a photo and sometimes a scene quickly passing from the TV screen. Then that image stays with me until THE day. I dream about it, search about it, journal about it. I could only describe it as a kind of a hunger. Then the time comes and I will go and see it with my own eyes, experince it with all my senses and then the hunger satisfies....

This process sometimes takes couple months sometimes years. When I saw a pale photo of Tibetian monks at a magazine around my junior high years, I remember being vaguly aware of a country named Tibet,and that image found its special place in my mind and stayed with me for nearly 24 years. Needed lots of growing up and saving..

When I was looking the photograps of a long time friend, I found one of those images. It was a breath taking view of the town of Amasra, and luckily this time it is only around 400 km away from İstanbul at the Black Sea coast of Turkey..

For these beautiful images and the dreams I would like to thank Serdar Sualp who let me to post these photos on Turquoise Diaries. I am sure that Serdar's hobbies of flying and motorcycling will bring lots of photographs to dream..


  1. Utterly divine. Lifted my spirits on a horrid Monday ! Thank you once again for so consistently delivering inspiring photography and brilliant words to go with them.

    Have a wonderful week !

  2. This kind of dreaming is great right now - here in Finland it's too dark, too cold and too expensive! :)
    But otherwise I've had a good time!

  3. Hi Turquoise Diaries , thats my new weblog.See you there .

  4. Dreamy vistas...would love to see for myself! Thanks for posting these beautiful photographs.

  5. Beautiful photos!!! I studied them for quite a while. So much to devour in the details. Love them!


  6. Breathtaking place and gorgeous pictures by all means!

  7. That place looks absolutely amazing!!!
    Hope one day I can go too ;)

  8. Oh I understand the sentiment!!! Same with me... some image will fuel the imagination... and your shots do just that.. the 2nd.. is absolutely magical!!! beautiful!!!

    ciao ciao .. xxx Julie

  9. These photos, this place--it's the kind of thing the writers must have been thinking of when they wrote the fairy tales of old.

  10. Wow. I instantly want to go to this place.



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