Monday, November 1, 2010

Life goes on...

While a live bomb was trying to take the lives of many in Taksim Square yesterday morning, I was doing my daily shopping in the local food market. The news were a shock at first then a relief that no body was killed except the bomb himself.

When you live in this part of the world, you are somehow getting used to the horrific events like that. Maybe its a curse that we should have to live on, but whatever happens life goes on which I strongly feel is the antidote of this curse.

Fish season started in İstanbul. Although we spent a huge part of the year at the Mediterranean coast, I always miss the winter season in İstanbul . The fish caught from the Marmara Sea are always taste much much better than the ones from the Mediterranean. So I bought some Sarıkanat, a medium sized bluefish from my fisherman for dinner.

Then I stopped at the next stall to pick up some greens for a big salad along side the grilled fish. They have to be fresh and thats where I find them..

Then I bought 4 pieces of  yufka which is a very thin sheet of dough to make pastry, filled with spinach and cheese for breakfast. These yufkas are really a big life saver at the kitchen and dearly missed by my Turkish friends who live abroad because of their practicality.

Then I stopped at the next store to buy some cheese and sausage. Its always good to taste before you buy...

Then at night when we were having dinner we were grateful that life was going on despite all the setbacks...and this was a small tour in the shops and stalls of my neighbourhood..


  1. It's so different to live with bombs in the marketplace, and yet when I go to the airport I briefly meet up with that same feeling.

  2. I heard the news of the bomber on the news yesterday and such news always makes me sad as violence will not solve a problem. I'm so glad no one got hurt.
    But the photos of the market stalls make me happy, market stalls always do, the colors and the compositions of the products. Stall holders proud of their products and want them to look at their best,I like that.

  3. I am relieved to hear that nobody was hurt in the bombing and hope that there comes a day when nobody experiences such events as a daily reality.

    My, how different our shopping lives are! I always enjoy spending time abroad where a market culture pervades rather than the supercenters we have in the US. I think that a true connection is forged with the farmer/fish mongers/bakers in a market setting and a lot can be learned from those talented individuals.

    Stay safe!

  4. So sad that we live in a world where we have to be concerned about safety doing the simplest of errands. Glad no one was hurt and that you are well. Sounded like a delicious supper!

  5. I saw the terrible scene just after the bomb on (Internet) TV. So bad, so sad. I figured you would not have been there with the policemen, but still, my first thoughts were for you, you being the only Turk I know.
    Yes, life in the Middle East, most of our readers (fortunately) can not even imagine.

    But your market is beautiful and thank you for sharing it. Fish are so photogenic. (I too was in the market photographing fish today.)

    Your new header is exciting. Lucky you to have been commuting on it every morning.
    Hope Hera is OK now.

  6. Glad everyone was okay! The world can be a terrible place.

  7. I'm glad everyone is okay. Here in New York City we live under a daily threat. To fold up and give up is what they want. I've learned to go on and live my life. You have to. Can't let them win.

  8. Wow, what sights. I'm very hungry all the sudden.

  9. wonderful markets...felt like i went shopping along with you :) the fish was displayed like art!!!!

  10. everything looks so fresh, local, and intriguing....You are very fortunate to have such lovely food available....and to be o.k. after the scare....scritch for Hera....

  11. How awful about the bombs.. I haven't been watching the news lately as it is always something terrible.. taking a break from terrible.. You know I'm trying to remember Taksim Square.. I know i visited there..

    Beautiful market shots.. how lovely to see all that fresh produce. and as always love your banner shot!!! ciao xxx Julie

  12. "My fisherman," you said. I like that. He's someone you know. It's what I like about our farmers' markets.

  13. My city is one of the most bombed in India - i understand how does it feels to live in a place under constant bomb threats .Big relief that no one was killed .
    I loved those fishes and vegetables-look very fresh .Those lovely sheets of yofka -how convenient!I am sure you had a wonderful dinner.

  14. I have heard about this expoison-terrible!

    I envy this fish shop-if I want to buy fresh fish I need to go to a hypermarket and it's "fresh" fish, well, sea is far away from Warsaw:)

    Great pictures

  15. 'They' know how to do it. Fear is a very good tool to get what you want.
    Unfortunately prejudice will grow and that makes our life more and more difficult...
    Your veggies look good.
    I don't know why here in Casa only imported veggies are good. But mandarins and oranges are gooood! :)

  16. These pictures are gorgeous! I've always loved local markets and their people... we are living similar events in this part of the world too with the drug issue and the drug dealers! you always hear in the local news someone was shot, they killed 14 in a party... anyway you are soo right! the only antidote is to live your life and hope you'll be ok!

  17. Was our turn today ... makes one indeed wonder what life is about to become. A peaceful Friday for you all.

    daily athens

  18. i am happy to hear that the bomb didnt hurt anyone.
    your market shots are beautiful. i am having much more fresh fish in my diet since i live on an island now and it is so available

  19. Thank you, my new friend, for stopping by and joining my followers! I'll add myself to your followers and enjoy my visits to Istanbaul...I'm crazy about your lettuce photo in this're a fresh market devotee, I see. Such a different one from the ones I enjoy.

    Many thanks and talk to you later,

  20. Aysegul, Thank Goodness you are OK!! Your photos are so beautiful and full of vivid gorgeous color. I wish I were there!



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