Friday, February 25, 2011

Missing Colors..

Hello from rainy, gray and cold İstanbul.. Not much is going on here.. We are mostly staying at home and writing... Hubby is busy with his novel and I have been commissioned to write some travel stories to a magazine and a new internet site...I am writing about my travels in Central Asia and Tibet...

We are also planning our up coming travels. At the end of March we are flying to England to spent some time with hubby's twin and his family and then later in June we are going to Crimea..So much to plan and anticipate..

As the title of my post says, I miss warm colors and sun shine in these dark winter days.
Hubby bought the antique mirror and the bowl for our last anniversary... A photo from the last summer..


  1. Crimea is fantastic-beautiful nature and fantastic palaces!
    I didn't know that you both write-fascinating!

  2. Good to know you are planning for writing and travelling. Missing you both!

  3. Enjoy your least you can travel right now... in the anticipation :)

  4. The same here: pretty dull. Only the last 2 days it snowed a lot and now everything is white, at least!

    It'a a very nice picture, taht of the bowl, I like it!

    I am also waiting to tell us about your Crimeea trip. Enjoy it!

  5. yellow is a lovely color in the depth of winter!
    wishing you a wonderful time as your write and then travel.

  6. love that bowl!...winter is a good time to plan...sounds like you have lots on the go.....spring will be here soon.....

  7. Travel writing is sought-after work. Enjoy! England and Crimea--both very different, I imagine. How exciting.

  8. Indeed, the bright and cheerful colors in this image would warm the coldest of day and darkest of nights. Merry writing and travels!

  9. writing and travel, anything better?
    writing about your travel!!!
    you guys rock !!

  10. Planning upcoming lovely!!!!!
    Enjoy and can't wait to hear all about it!

  11. colour is definitely missing here too!! i am patiently awaiting spring
    ~laura xx

  12. Enjoy! writing and travel...sounds heaven!!

    Amazing pictures, as usual.

    B xx



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