Sunday, February 6, 2011

Soutwest Wind

 Southwest wind which is called lodos in Turkish is always a big deal in the life of İstanbul. Well, first of all it delays  all the sea traffic, brings warm weathers but most importantly it has been blamed for insomnia and headache..So whenever you complain about a sleepless night or a slight headache during the windy days, everybody immediadely becomes a doctor and tell you that its because of the wind...
These amazing photograps are taken by a chilhood friend of mine, Şebnem Pilgir Aykol. She is a very talented architect and a photographer. She photographed the southwest wind in one of our favorite walking places near the Marmara Sea.
Şebnem dear, thank you very much for allowing me to post these photos on Turquoise Diaries and please visit the much neglected photo blog of Şebnem here..


  1. Looks very nice, you can watch this for hours. I would not like to be on a boat with such weather.

  2. Wow, those are some big waves. Beautifully captured by an artist. Our southwest wind comes in summer and is hot. Right now, that would be a welcome feeling!


  3. I return your visit now. I like Istanbul very much, even if I spent only one and a half day there, some years ago, coming back from Marmaris. It was my first trip to Turkey and I loved this country instantly!

    I do not know if you checked on my blog the posts about Turkey. Last year I have been in Antalya, in order to be able to see Cappadocia. It was a dream travel....

    I like Sebnem's photos, especially the 4th one (I couldn't imagine such big waves in Istanbul!). I will check her blog too. Sebnem is a character in the series I am just watching now, "Ezel"!

  4. The waves crashing against the sea wall are amazing. That dog in the last photo looks pretty apprehensive.

  5. photos of the wind whipped ocean are very good! at first i thought it funny that people connect the wind to insomnia and headache, but looking at the affect of wind on the mighty ocean..yes, i get it now!!!
    thank you for the birthday wishes for ian!!

  6. Spectacular photos, very exciting waves.

  7. What I find equally as fascinating as the the waves is how the photos show that it is a part of everyday life.

  8. Those are really amazing shots...

  9. Incredible pictures! Maybe the wind is terrible but the waves look so pretty!:)

  10. great photos. i love those lapping waves. I enjoy Istanbul very much, such a beautiful city. it's always interesting to get a taste of different culture, people and food.

  11. Many thanks Ayşegul, it was an honour and a pleasure to be hosted in your blog ...

  12. How beautiful these photos are.. truly capture the spirit and force of that wind...

    I can understand the headache thing.. we have winter winds that do the same to me... although they don't have a specific name as yours do..

    Have a lovely week.. and stay warm.. I can send you our extra heat.. haha.. although it has cooled down now.. Take care . ciao xxx Julie

  13. wow ! Powerful lodos. You take care now !!

  14. WOOOOW .... the waves looks amazing!
    let me invite to visit my space , , hope you like, and somehow my work can inspire :D
    Hugs from Portugal!

  15. Hi there! This is Leesa from Our Vacation Photos/News From France.
    I am in Costa Rica now on holiday and wanted to say hi and send my Costa Rica blog, too.. .

    I have been thinking A LOT about coming to Turkey and think that I will do this next year! I'd like to come for a LEAST a month and travel around. I would love to contact you by email, if that's okay. And for sure, when I come to Istanbul, we can meet for coffee/lunch! I just LOVEEEEE Turkish cuisine... I can't wait to come...
    Take care and have a great day...

    P.S. I just LOVEEEEEE these pictues! You friend is SOOO talented! Thanks for sharing...

  16. wow ... brilliant photos! what a talented woman
    have a great week
    ~laura xx

  17. The pictures are absolutely stunning...I loved them all, especially the second one! I would really want to be there :)



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