Monday, June 6, 2011

Old and New İstanbul (2) - Historical tram in İstiklal Avenue

İstiklal Avenue on the European side of İstanbul is probably one of the most well known pedestrian street in İstanbul. It is full of old Ottoman buildings and an old tram runs back and fort all day..Lovely place to spend a day. So here are two tram photos from the unpublished National Geographic archives,I mentioned on my last post.

Photos are dated 1928 and taken by Maynard Owen Williams

Trams started to operate in İstanbul at 1871 and the one on İstiklal Avenue became active at 1883. Until 1914 all the trams were pulled by horses. Later they were all electrified..

and today..


  1. Such a busy street, then and now. It looks vibrant.

  2. Such a difference in time. I love the color, but I'm old fashioned enough to imagine myself back in the earlier days.

    Take care,

  3. i like how in the old pics, most of the men are wearing hats.
    awesome old photos...and great new one!
    ~laura xx

  4. Hey, and there's a man cleaning the tracks!
    Such a nice post this is.



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