Thursday, June 30, 2011

Simferopol - Crimea

Well, I have to admit that I have been cheating on my blog with my new Kindle a lot recently. I have so many books to read which were pretty hard to get before..But I am also willing to show you some of my photos from our recent Crimean trip. So I will start will Simferopol today..

Simferopol is the capital of Autonomous Republic of Crimea in Ukraine and you have to stop there as the only airport of the region is located in this city. As it is a rather small country we stayed in a hotel in Simferopol in the first 4 days of our stay and made the daily trips to the different part of the country from there..

I do not know much how it was during the communist period, but I had a strong feeling that not much has changed since then....buildings, cars, roads and even people. Most of the people working in the service sector are quite rude and acting as they are doing you a great favor when you ask something as simple as your room key.And beware of closing hours of the stores..As soon as the clock tics, they are not hesitating you to lock inside the store..It happened to me twice...

All the Tatar population in Crimea deported to Uzbekistan in a single night with the orders of Stalin on May 18, 1944 . After the collapse of the Soviet Union, they mainly returned to Simferopol area and trying to establish a new life at the outskirts of the city. They are struggling hard to establish a new life in their old lands without obtaining any of their previous rights. More on them later...


  1. OH my goodness, this just made me so incredibly happy inside!!! i LOVED crimea, it was such a beautiful city, and those beautiful ukrainian people on the streets, so many memories!

  2. Lovely Pictures! The last one is awesome! so you are back to your beach house? what a pleasure... ;)

  3. Colorful and lovely pictures. Too bad about the poor service...but, then, that's nothing new, anywhere in the world...rudeness a regular travel experience. I was especially shocked by it in France when it came to train and bus service...

  4. Am I correct in thinking the second last photo is of a Tatar man and child, and the last photo is of a Ukrainian woman? Both are great shots!

  5. Very interesting. The people look friendly, too.

  6. I've never lived in a communist or post-communist country, so I can't judge the people. Customs are different everywhere and I'd still love to visit. But I'd never lock you in a shop!

  7. I enjoyed your story and photo's......I'm of Ukrainian background and I understand what Stalin did to the people......all my great grandparents died in various places where they were shipped too.
    I have a cousin living in the Crimea....I still have to visit the Ukraine, even though I'm in Turkey quite a lot...maybe one day.



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