Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Back from KOS..

Well, our short trip to Kos - Greece was actually a mid summer get away from one hot place to another. Although our original plan was to visit couple more Greek islands from Kos, we postponed this idea to cooler months, maybe end of September or October..

A short ferry trip from Bodrum to Kos is taking about 40 minutes and waiting right under the sun at the Greek customs office is taking another hour. Town of Kos is full of daily tourists coming from Turkey. Ferries are working all day long.

We chosed to stay at the town of Kefalos which is right at the other side of the island. When we left the town of Kos, we started to realize how hard the Greeks hit by the recent economic crises. All the lovely beaches were empty except couple British tourists...Kefalos was like a semi ghost town during the evening. Some of the tavernas did not  even open for the season..It was rather sad..

However we enjoyed lots of good seafood and local wine. Prices were much cheaper compare to Turkey.


  1. All those beautiful beach chairs and umbrellas and no one there!

  2. Beautiful.. wish I were there!!

    Trying to remember if I have been to Kos.. maybe not.. so thanks for taking me along!!!

    Hope you are well.. ciao xxx Julie

  3. I have been to Kos twice, pity to hear that there was so little tourists! I observed the same this year on Lesvos but of course Kos is more a tourist place!

  4. I love the colorful fabrics flying in the wind...also the colorful rows of umbrellas on the sad that they are unoccupied...

  5. Amazing colors, especially the sea.



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