Monday, July 11, 2011

Tough Life !!!

Well, as you can imagine life could be so tough on the sea....
but, thank God that there are plenty of cold drinks waiting when you reach the land...especially this mastic cocktail..

Although I keep posting about our Crimea visit, our tough(!) life at the beach has already started..Photos taken yesterday and tomorrow we are leaving for another short trip to couple Greek İslands.. I have so much to post but these lazy summer days are killing me...
Have a great week...


  1. Oh I feel so s o r r y for you, having to bear that hot sun. Take it easy! :)

  2. keep them coming and don't break the rhythm...ah summer!

  3. Beautiful landscape! I like the new header!

  4. It looks indeed like a hard life. Enjoy it.

  5. Oh you are so mean!!! while I'm in my grey office in a horrible industrial park you are in one of the most amazing places on earth! enjoy your summer!!!

  6. You know how to live! I can almost taste the cocktail...:)

  7. A tough life, but someone's got to live it, eh? Last year we were in Turkey and I thought I would never miss the heat, but after reading this, I do!



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