Saturday, August 20, 2011

Bakhchisaray - Crimea

Our hospital days are continuing..We slowly started to have some results from all the tests that hubby gone thru. Thank God, its not the scary ''C'' word.. It looks like he has secondary reactivated tuberculosis on his lungs. A kind of mutated tuberculosis bacteria which found a place on his lungs when he was young and slept there all these time.

As our hospital days are following one after another, here are some photos from our Crimea trip from June, I neglected to post them for such a long time.

Bakhchisaray is one of the important tourist destinations in Crimea thanks to the palace of the Crimean Khans. Its one of the Muslim palaces located in Europe, along with its famous sisters in İstanbul and Elhamra in Spain. Its a beautiful palace with so much homey feeling. I just loved it.. They started to build it in the 16th century.

Bakhcisaray is a Turkish word (means palace garden) and the name escaped from the Russinization of the names of the places thanks to great Russian poet Alexander Pushkin. He visited this palace when he was exiled in Crimea during1822 and wrote his famous and very long poem ''Fountain of Bakhchisaray'' after this visit. The fountain is still in the palace..

This beautiful town has also a special place in my heart. It' s where my paternal grandmother and grandfather spent their adolescence years before they start their big journey to Anatolia.


  1. Thanks for sharing these beautiful memories of your Crimea trip.
    I'm glad the doctors identified your husband's sickness. Now they will know how to help him. I think these days there are good ways to treat TB, yes? Half a century ago I grew up watching my mother suffer from TB and all they knew to give then was streptomycin.
    Wishing you both the best and soon.

  2. Oh the thoughts that go through your mind when you don't have answers yet. So glad doctors were able to get a diagnosis. Today's medicine is so powerful and I know your husband will be on the mend soon. Hope the hospital stay isn't too much longer. I've been that route with my own husband and the rooms are not comfortable for the family or visitors. Blessings,


  3. Good that there's a diagnosis -- now treatment can begin. Lovely photos -- such beautiful architecture!

  4. That palace is beautiful!...almost homey...i can imagine some great parties in that big room. The roses are splendid too....Here's to good health and getting out of that hospital!

  5. I have been there like 10 years ago-very nice place!

  6. healing to your husband, and rest and peace for you aysegul!



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