Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Fig Season..

Nowadays fierce barks from Hera in the mornings, signals me our sweet delivery. Its been couple years that freshly picked figs delivered to us by a local farmer and his beautiful transportation. I am so happy with my delicious figs and as for Hera, I am sure that she is wondering a lot why the big dog is not responding to her...


  1. I love that taste of summer!Lucky you!

  2. I love husband is originally from Izmir and the first time I visited his family there I had fresh figs. Which is rare from where I come from. Well we do have them (Toronto) but they are not so good, usually small and not ripe. I thought I was in heaven when I tasted those fresh juicy sweet figs. I think I had so many that I actually had to visit a Dr. your Blog and will now be a follower.

  3. how wonderful to have such treats delivered fresh from the tree....Hera has that big dog under control...

  4. Mmmmmm............fresh figs! Sounds like a luxury to me...fig newtons are my only experience with figs...should look into it...

  5. I love fresh figs! I ate them - for my first time - 3 years ago in Dalmatia and since them I was looking for them in Turkey, Greece or whereever they grow:)

  6. My Boz also likes the big dogs and wants very much to play with them. I have to restrain him when they come by.

    I have a small fig tree, still in the pot. No fruit yet.

    And because Erica (Irene) mentioned Izmir, maybe you'll like this:



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