Sunday, October 9, 2011

Ancient city of TLOS

During our short trip to Kalkan, we had the chance to visit the ancient city of Tlos, a very favorite but recently very much neglected hobby for hubby and me. We have covered most of the ancient cities on the Aegean coast of Turkey but the ones on the Mediterranean coast ( Lycian area in the past) are rather new to us.

Tlos has a historical past dating back to 2000 years BC. Once it was the home of Romans, Byzantians and as well as Ottomans. Rock tombs which are rather fine samples of the Lycian culture has a very dominating view over the city. And as always the tradition there is a very nice theatre.
As hubby is still recuperating from his illnes, I made all the climbing and he gave me the tactics from the base camp. It was a beautiful day..


  1. Very nice article, we just went to Ephesus in Turkey and were in Acre in Israel, this dates from 4.000 BC.


  2. How fascinating.. I too went to Ephesus but wish I had seen more of Turkey.. I loved your country...

    Thanks for popping in.. I'm so slow at blogging these days.. but glad to see you back in the thick of it... Loved those curtains you made.. How clever you are..

    Have a great week and thanks again.. ciao xxx Julie

  3. Tlos is my favourite archaeological site in Turkey, I think mainly because of its setting. Great photos.

  4. I also like discovering archeological sites:)

  5. I'm glad you two can be out exploring again.
    I would love to see such ruins.

  6. Such stark realities of life gone by...ruins are truly wonderments for exploration.

  7. The ruins look amazingly inviting, I am eager to explore them.



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