Tuesday, October 4, 2011


This past week we took a short trip to Kalkan to spent some time with the British side of the family (hubby's twin brother and his family), who are vacationing there.

Kalkan is a beautiful small and romantic town on the Mediterranean coast. Until 1920's mostly the Greek families were living here and the place named as Kalamaki during that time. After the population exchange between Turkey and Greece most old residence of this town moved to near Athens and established a new town there with the very same name.

 As it is located on a hill side, it is possible to get great view from all over the place

while hubby was catching up with his brother, I had great time reading under the shades of the bougainvilleas, while my little one enjoy the sunshine and the pool side. ( not the pool, because she hates water..)


  1. What beautiful scenery! How lucky your pup can accompany you to the pool. Here dogs are not welcome everywhere.

  2. How lovely,...putting this on facebook!

  3. the view over the sea must be impressive!

  4. hi aysegul !! this place looks so beautiful. i cant wait to travel again.
    thank you for checking in with me. i have been back in ontario since mid july to sell my house.
    mission accomplished ! i will be heading back to prince edward island and a more normal life :) by the end of the month....much has happened. posts soon !
    ~laura xx

  5. Such a pretty little town. Great place to spend some time. I love the photo with the dog and pool.

  6. Hera is looking like a grown-up dog already. She is beautiful even in the reflection.

  7. At the beginning of summer I made reservation at Kalkan for our holiday! Then I thought it will be too far away to drive there from Romania (this was the plan!)and I canceled the reservation and we went instead in Montenegro and Albania. Now I see from this post and from the following one (About Tlos) that I must go there after all! It's very nice, thanks for sharing.

  8. this is one of my most favorite places. it is peace and quiet there )



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