Saturday, November 5, 2011

LOVE Fish..

I love my new life at the Mediterranean, but I certainly miss certain things about life in İstanbul. One of them is particularly the fishes of İstanbul, especially this season.
Of course we have plenty of fish at Datca but the taste of fish caught from Marmara Sea or Black Sea are far superior than the fish caught from Mediterranean. I think their eating habits as well as the temprature of the sea are some of the reasons for that.
So while in İstanbul I am stuffing my self with lots of fish. Nowadays, BBQed fish and some salad are the easiest and the healtiest fast food you can find in İstanbul..
Next week we are returning to Datca....Cant wait..


  1. the fish look really good! No wonder that each time you try it!

  2. Life will be very different! An exciting change.

  3. I'd love to live somewhere I could have fresh-grilled fish like that. I imagine it with salt, pepper, and lemon. No?

  4. I know what you mean about the variation in the taste of all depends on what they consume in the sea...or lake.

  5. i LOVE the fish i get to have fresh, living here on the island. i really miss it when im away
    have a good week
    ~laura xx

  6. I love fishes too ..But you are damn lucky you are traveling and seeing different places.Love your blog

    Follow each other.



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