Sunday, November 20, 2011

Progress report..

Fresh roses on my coffee table could give you a misleading idea. You might think that we all comfortably settled to our new life in Datca. Unfortunately things are not like that. Right now two seperate groups of workers are working on different parts of the house. One group is making me a new sitting place in the verandah and some extra space in the kitchen. The second group is making me a new balcony and new stairs..And the electrician guy who is fixing our telephone lines as well as installing some new cables comes and goes. He is so difficult to locate so my husband constantly bribing him with cold beer. Its so difficult to find good workers in small places..

It looks like we will live in this nut house for another week..Send me lots of patience...

In the meantime sun is shining and I am planning to make the last swim of 2011 next week..


  1. Looks pretty. Good luck with the workers & maintaining your calm.

  2. it will be so worth the wait and disruption when its finished. i needed to ask for more patience also at the time tho :)
    enjoy your swim !!
    ~laura xx

  3. Well... the roses are so beautiful and should give you a little more peace in your life. Try to spend time outside in your beautiful surroundings, as I'm sure you already do. Good luck!

    Sorry I've been away so much but I still love your blog!!!

  4. sending you lots and lots of patience.....

  5. Hi & Greetings. Visiting your post after a long time. Trust you are keeping well & fine.The roses are simply beautiful. Relocating and resettling is very challenging task with many inconveniences - but once you are well set then its great. Best Wishes Ram



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