Thursday, June 21, 2012

Rent a boat....

Sometimes its MUCH better to rent a boat instead of a 2,5 hours ride in the car on a hot summer day to go to your favotite restaurant in Selimiye. That's what we did with our neighbours...
We sailed happily in the Hisarönü Bay with some magnificent views, like this old and abondened monastery..

Bazen Selimiye'deki en sevdiğiniz restaurantlardan birine gitmek için, sıcak bir havada arabanın içinde 2.5 saat yol  alacağınıza, bir tekne kiralayıp yola düşmek en iyisi oluyor. Geçtiğimiz günlerde komşularımızla aynen bu işi yaptık. Hisarönü körfezindeki muhteşem manzaralarda bonustu....İşte eski ve terk edilmiş bir manastır,
Or the teeth rocks,

Ya da dişli kayalar...
But finally the best view was the Sardunya (geranium) restaurant, when we were terribly hungry...

Fakat en sonunda en iyi manzara karınlarımız açlıktan kazınırken gözüken Sardunya Restaurant'ınkiydi....

We had good friends, good food, cold wine and great weather and the Mediterranean Sea right in front of us...

İyi arkadaşlar, iyi yemekler, soğuk şarap, harika bir hava ve önümüzde uzanan Akdeniz ile dolu dolu geçen bir gündü..


  1. Such gorgeous photos (again)! I spent two weeks in the south in April, and got a small taste of what Turkish life is, or can be. Also took a lazy boat tour for a whole day and it was fabulous. Turkey is such a beautiful place!

    And the food! Your post makes me hungry for food and Turkish ambiance.

  2. afiyet olsun fotoğraflar mükemmel...

  3. Idyllic! Love your last photo in particular.

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  5. Fabulous. Sardunya is one of my favourite restaurants but usually we drive there. Maybe next time we will go in a boat.

  6. That sure is our idea of fun
    Benny & Lily

  7. Sardunya is a great restaurant and open in the winter...very cosy inside with open fires hard to believe in this heat

  8. What a wonderful blog!!!! Thank you for following my blog, and of course I'm following you back!
    Love from the opposite shore... Rhodes! I was very close to you two weeks ago, when I was on Symi! :)

  9. I just read your lovely comment, thank you so much, and thank you for giving me the opportunity to discover your amazing blog by following mine! :)

  10. What a way to chill out, so wonderful photos, tesekkurler!:)

  11. Travel by sea can most definitely be more stately than bumping about on land... you remind me of a time in India when we took a 3 hour cab-ride, which included car-ferries across rivers and a LOT of pot-hole dodging on delapidated Indian roads... all because somebody in our party messed up negotiations for a boat-ride which would have got us there in double the comfort and half the time!!

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