Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Alternative Mediterranean Destinations

Most people come to this region for its beaches, turquoise waters or magnificent ancient ruins..However if you look something different in these HOT days, why not try to climb up a bit. 2 weeks ago we took a day trip to Dalyan. It was very hot but later we went to a restaurant at Pınarköy - Köyceğiz. The place located near to the source of Yuvarlakçay river, famous with its ice cold waters.

 Trout dish was great, wine was ice cold but when it came to jumping the nearby natural pool, that was the most hubby succeeded to go in. Later we took a short boat trip at Azmak Stream near Akyaka - Gökova Bay....Sailing on its ice cold, clean waters were quite different from sailing on the Mediterranean. It was more peaceful...


  1. Your photos captured the crisp clear water....but I doubt if it was as cold as our glacier fed river. What a lovely day!

  2. Looks delightful! In the third last photo, are the table and chairs actually IN the water? Nice way to cool off!

    1. Yes they are in the water Debra..Nice isnt it???

  3. Oh that water looks SOOOO cool and refreshing!!!! Made me want to be there!
    It's super hot here in Rhodes too!

  4. Hubby looks a bit shocked! A lovely place. Those ruins on the hillside are compelling.

  5. beautiful! we have clear cold spring waters like this in florida too!

  6. Wow!
    It is really awesome, I envy you.

  7. Oh your photos are so lovely.



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