Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Cold Days..

Finally the much expected snow came to İstanbul, but unfortunately its not a totally white one. It is melting immediately and leaving us with muddy streets..Even Hera is not very happy with these weathers. She prefers her blankets to everything else..
 However it looks like the spring is in the horizon..All the beautiful spring flowers started to appear at flower stalls..
PS: Blogger ban here continues so I still cant see you as well as me!!


  1. pity to hear that (about the blog ban)

  2. Hera looks so cute and the 2nd image is gorgeous.. love the white fresias against the dark backdrop

    Hopefully you'll be able to see all your comments again and see we haven't forgotten you... ciao xxx Julie

  3. Cold, mud, snow, and a week of blogger "punishment"! Hera is right in wanting to wrap up in a blanket and lay low until it gets better.

    Best wishes from Dina

  4. I love Hera! She is really cute.

    Sorry to hear the ban is not over yet. Keep writing, Turquoise Diaries, we are here, reading you!

  5. Hera is adorable. Best wishes to you.

  6. I'm sure Hera doesn't like the weather any more than she likes the blogger ban!

    She looks adorable wrapped up in her blankets. Spring is starting to make its way to the cold areas of America, but here in Florida, we are having lovely beach weather.

  7. Hera always makes me smile. Hope the blogging ban ends soon!

  8. I've just discovered your blog through Miss Footloose.
    Your dog is so cute; especially in those blankets. Hope you can manage to keep blogging! :)

  9. I'm happy to see a post from you, even if you're having lousy weather. I agree with Julie; I hope you can see the comments and know we're thinking of you. Darling Hera! Stay warm, all three of you.

  10. hera is adorable all bundled up & gorgeous pic of spring flowers!

  11. spring will make everything better.... hera and the flowers will be happy and maybe the blog ban will disappear.
    stay well
    ~laura xx

  12. poor pup. My dog wont even go outside if it's too cold!



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