Friday, March 25, 2011

Hello and Good bye...

Hello again,
Blogger ban is still continuing in Turkey. About a week ago, I was able to post but couldnt see my blog as well as yours. Then it went all black..It was not even possible to enter the
And there are these rumours that the ban will be lifted soon so about 4.000.000 bloggers are waiting...

and today I could have the access to blogger but not to blogs. So I wanted to say a quick HELLO..

and then GOOD BYE. We are leaving for England tomorrow, I hope it will be a nice journey in rural England. I am taking my PC with me and try to post as often as possible..

It is sooo great to be able to post again and hope to SEE you soon..


  1. That's great news (about England I mean), I miss your posts ,x

  2. You deserve a vacation.
    I wish we could all go to rural England for a while. It sounds so peaceful and quiet and normal.
    We all look forward to your posts.
    Bon voyage,

  3. have a good trip, enjoy your "freedom" and cant wait to hear from you again dear aysegul

  4. Hello Dear,
    Do be careful and have a safe journey,
    XXOO Marie Antionette

  5. I'm sure it will feel wonderful to get to England and get back online. It is a pretty big thing to lose your voice.....

  6. You give such a wonderfull impression of Turkey.Hope to see you back soon.Have a nice time in England.

  7. Have a safe travel and a nice vacation, Turquoise Diaries! I am waiting to see your posts from UK.

  8. Have fun in jolly olde England, pip pip!

  9. Break free and blog in the UK! have a good holiday.

  10. Enjoy your trip through the bucolic hills of England...things must be heating up in Turkey....good to give yourselves a break from it

  11. Yay. We miss you and your Turkey photos.

  12. Great to see you posting.. Hope you have a wonderful vacation and enjoy catching up on all your post comments...

    Take care and have some fun.. ciao xxxx Julie

  13. We weren't banned and then we were banned. It seems very intermittent for us. We have 2 laptops in the house and of one accesses Blogger, the other can't. We don;t understand it.

    Enjoy your trip to England and say hello to it from us. :)

  14. Have a safe trip and can't wait to have you back.



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