Monday, March 28, 2011

Green, Green Gray England

Hello from green green but gray England. We are currently in Market Drayton in the Shropshire region where hubby's twin brother and his family lives. Its such a quiet and peaceful place. Taking lots of walks in the city admiring the old houses and out to the country side admiring the nature..
Its the season of the Daffodils...

The beautiful house in the photos is the Huntingsdale Hall in Market Drayton..

Tomorrow we are taking the train to Edinbourgh and will spent 2 days there...
 More photos are coming soon...


  1. And lambing season too? It all looks and sounds great. Enjoy your time.

  2. Lambs and sheep among the daffodils -- how very British indeed! Enjoy your holiday!

  3. This is an amazing place!!! I've never been to England but your photos are the best!!!

  4. I love this English landscape! I have been several times in UK during this part of the year and I loved the flowers everywhere: daffodils, tulips, Forsythia and the green grass.

    Have a nice time there, Turquoise Diaries!

  5. These pictures took me right there..and I have not been to England for 30 years....It is always so green and gray...simply charming...Glad to have you back online....Is your puppy along? enjoy your holiday! best, susan

  6. O, will LOVE IT!!!! I surely did. Old city, new city...lots of fun taking it all in...wish you had more than a couple days.

  7. Lovely to see you're able to blog a bit and I'm glad to hear the ban may soon be lifted.

    England is somewhere I'd love to visit, my family came from there in 1607 to settle here long before it was the United States.

    Have a wonderful visit!

  8. The lambs peeking out are adorable. Looking forward to more photos.

  9. Wonderful photos! I'm so glad you can blog for now. I hope you post from Edinburgh.



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