Monday, April 25, 2011

More of Shropshire-England

I realized that I have neglected our trip to England a lot. A new one is on the way and I only managed to make few posts about the old one. So time to work!!!

Well, my last visit to Englang was probably 20 years ago for a forex training some where close to London and afterwards I remember squezing couple days to my agenda to spent in London with my brother who was attending the university there. London was OK with all the goodies of a big city life, but England on my mind was always associated with lots of history, castles, abbeys and large green fields etc.....

Luckly this time I have found what I looked for. Here is Stokesay Castle dated from 1291. Amazing!!
As you can see it is actually a fortified medieval house near theWelsh border. Look carefully to the great hall and its wood work which was unaltered since it was built in 1291..Its so easy to dream the large and noisy dinner parties at this hall, centuries ago.
and look at this wonderful scenery from the upper levels of the castle,

Although it has so many other attractions, it looks like Shropshire is most proud of its Iron Bridge.. Built between 1775-1779, it is the world'd first cast iron bridge and considered as an enduring symbol of the Industrial revolution..

Another place I loved was the Lilleshall Abbey which was founded in the 1140s for a small community of Augustinian monks. The monastic life was maintained for almost 400 years, until the abbey was suppressed on the orders of Henry 8. in 1538. Surviving buildings are from 12th and early 13th century. It was such a quiet and serene place...


  1. The old places are awesome. The wooden ceiling beams are beautiful and still strong.

  2. I bet people came from miles to see that bridge when it was first built!

  3. Awesome castle...hard to believe the wood timbers have managed to survive through so many centuries...some kind of wonderful construction...and then the abbeys...that Henry really crushed some beauties...the ruins are always such an awe-inspiring visit...if those walls could talk...

  4. I've never heard of Stokesay Castle. What a find! A visit to Shropshire is in order.

  5. Now this is the England I'd love to visit. To stand in something built in 1291 — that would be incredible.

    I can't thank you enough for sharing your photos, I just can't stop looking at them!

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