Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Romance in Edinburgh..

Well, we are back from the green,green and gray England to gray,gray and gray İstanbul. Awful weather here..
Currently we are unloading the suitcases, doing the laundry and then re packing again for our beach house..We are planning to leave at the end of this week..Things are rather mad in the house..
But I have to tell you a little romance of mine between my ironing sessions..

His name is William Deacon Brodies. I worked hard to persuade him to come to İstanbul with me but not a chance..

Edinburgh is full of ghost and body snatching stories. There are even special tours which you can listen these scary stories in the dark alleys and the undergrounds of the city. I have never seen a city which are  marketing their ghosts so succesfully..

Well, my handsome is also part of the city's legends.
He was the cabinet maker and the Deacon of the guild of cabinet makers, also a town councillor. But soon he turned his professional expertise and society connections to more sinister use. By day, the craftsman and councillar and by night the gambler, drinker and thief..
In 1788, he hanged because of his crimes on the gallow that he had designed.
On 1876 Robert Louis Stevenson wrote a play called '' Deacon Brodie or the Double Life'' This was followed two years later by Jekyll and Hyde... Fantastic story and couple fantastic movies..

and here I am standing with the real guy..

 More stories from England will soon be on Turquoise Diaries...

PS: Blogger ban here still continues in a strange way. I can post and see from Opera turbo but not any where else..Well, its better than nothing..


  1. Nice story! and the good part is that you will be soon at your beach house! yo have a lovely beach house!

  2. I didn't realize that it is such a ghost -city

  3. enjoyed the trip with you !!!

  4. I'd love a tour of the castle, and a couple of ghost tours. Sounds like fun.

    I can't believe it's already time for the summer house again! I hope you'll be able to post a little. But just have a good summer.

  5. Yes, lots of ghosties and stories around Edinburgh...did you get to the cemetery where the ghosts will grab you?

  6. What a great story, I never knew about how Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde came to be written and never would have imagined it was based on a true story.

    So interesting! I love a good ghost story!



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