Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Rain ,Rain and more Rain

It looks like spring is busy somewhere else this year. Normally we should be able to swim during this time of the year but rain, wind and cold continues..

So we kind of stuck in the house except some short walks outside.

Hera's raincoat is new, we brought it all the way from England and she tried it this morning but I have to admit that 5 minutes after taking this picture we found it in 2 pieces in the garden.

I read,write, play computer games, cook all sorts of things and drink lots of tea.. My favorite tea includes green tea, lots of fresh mint from the garden, a cinnomon stick, couple cardomom seeds and honey. Actually its my favorite winter tea but quite suitable for this weather.. 
 Occasianal rainbows after the rain are definitely the only plus sides of these days..


  1. We are also having unseasonably cool and wet weather in Montreal this Spring. Hera looked cute in her raincoat - good thing you took a couple of photos since she ripped it up just to let you know what she thought of it!

  2. The dog's raincoat looks so cute!!!

  3. Oh Hera! What's that you say? Doggies don't need raincoats? But you looked so cute!

  4. It seems everywhere I go, folks are posting about weather that is unusual for them at this time of year. Luckily for us here in Florida, it is giving us a bit of an extended Spring. Our evenings are still cooling off a bit after a hot day and that is unusual for us, but very welcome!

    Hera looked adorable in her raincoat, but I guess she was not so impressed with the idea, lol.

  5. Soon Sun will be on the sky! at least you are in your gorgeous beach house!

  6. Weather is strange all over the world this year.

  7. Love the rainbow shot.
    As soon as I saw Hera's raincoat I just wondered how was she wearing it. Ha ha!!! And soon you say she tore it into 2!!! :)
    Kidswear at Fashion Panache
    Dakshina Chitra Part I

  8. Too bad about Hera's coat. She looks so regal in it.



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