Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Championship Night..

We heard on the TV that the Fenerbahce football team has entered the Baghdat Street, so we ran to the street and we started to wait.....
our little one wearing the team's jersey was quiet patient and the team was coming with a bus and they only have to cover about 6 km to reach where we were waiting but nobody was on the horizon and we kept waiting...

 Finally about 3 hours later they came and along with thousand fans we cheered and Hera barked..

There are 3 big football clubs in İstanbul and champion of this year Fenerbahce considered as the football club of Asian side of the city.

Baghdat is the main street in an upper-scale residential area of Asian side of İstanbul . The one-way avenue with old plane trees is full of shopping malls, department stores, fashion garment stores, restaurants of international and local cuisine, pubs and cafés etc. Its an excellent place for walk and window shopping..


  1. Hera is so cute, whether dressed or undressed.

  2. My goodness, Hera is patient! What a good girl!

  3. i read an article recently on how your city has grown at a fierce speed in recent years. i imagine it must be difficult at times, especially for older communities, with such development. nice to see team spirit. go hera !!
    ~laura x

  4. Three hours! Wow, hope it was worth it...sounds as if it was!
    Becky @ (In case Google takes my comment to "anonymous" and you don't know who stopped by)



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