Friday, May 6, 2011

An English Farm

We had the chance to spend some time on a lovely farm during our visit to England. It was beautiful, green, and very quiet just as I has imagined before..

Lush green fields. Horses on one side and 14.000 chickens on the other. I have been told that they are laying 12.000 eggs per day. I have to say that eggs were delicious..

I dont know about chickens but I think some of the horses really liked me or maybe they just wondered about the woman on the fields with the camera...

This beautiful farm belongs to the sister of my sister-in law and sure we had a very warm welcome...


  1. Glad to see that all those chickens are free-range chickens!

  2. such a cute post!! im a huge egg fan

  3. bucolic! My favorite is the picture of the chickens in the field...I've never seen free-ranging chickens before.

  4. It's a lovely picture of you and the horses. I'm sure they felt good around you.

    I have never seen so many free-range chickens!
    A farm would be my ideal vacation place too.

    Love your Mothers Day post with the open mouths.

  5. What a lovely farm and it sounds as though you had an equally lovely visit.

  6. A dream vacation! Do you think she'll welcome all your blog friends?



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