Friday, September 30, 2011

Chasing Aivazovski...

Here is another one of  my never ending Crimea Posts..but promise this is the last one..

I LOVE art, and definitely dont mind making extra miles to see a great one. Same thing happened in Crimea. When I learned that a great portion of Armenian Russian painter Ivan Konstantinovich Aivazovsky's paintings are at a museum at his home town Feodosia, it was a must for us to go and see them instead of a leisurly day at Yalta.

In order to reach Feodosia we have covered almost half of the coastline of Crimea, and on the way did not hesitate to stop at Sudak to see this grand castle built by Genoese at the 14th century. 
Aivazovsky( 1817-1900) is famous with its seasecapes and considered as one of the best among the seascape painters of all time.It is also possible to see some of the great paintings of him in Turkey as he served as the court painter during the Ottoman time. Later he returned to his hometown and opened an art school here.

Museum is located in his own house as well as some adjacent buildings. It was really such a pleasurable experience to see a lot of his paintings, especially the wall size ones, and its also a nice surprise for us to see a large size painting of İstanbul in this corner of the world.



  1. Such beautiful paintings of the power of the sea!

  2. the castle is the kind i imagine...i would love to climb up that hill to the fabulous and ancient!...the paintings give me much for the subject matter as the works themselves...truly awesome.....

  3. Very nice wall and paitings.




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