Thursday, September 8, 2011

Summer Residence of the Last Tsar

I keep showing you pictures from our beach house at Turquoise Diaries, but today how about the beach house of the last Tsar of the Russia, Nicholos II. and his family. Among them you probably know most about the beautiful Grand Duchess Anastasia, thanks to Hollywood...

If you are a bit interested with history, you can meet lots of ghosts in this palace. Here at this hall in the first floor, the world has been reshared, reshaped among the victors of the second world war.You could almost smell the big cigars of Winston Churchill. Yalta Conference held in this room in February 1945. Its been told that, Roosevelt, Stalin and Churchill were seated at the round table at the end of the room.

Livadia Palace also served as the residence of Roosevelt and the American delegation during the Conference due to its convenience.
If you are tired of the 1945 politics, move along the corridors of the first floor, and while you are at the souvenier shop, you might hear the murmurs of the Tsarevich Alexei and his teachers, as this rather large room served as the study of the next Tsar.. It should be very difficult for him to learn the necessary lessons to rule a large empire while hearing the happy sounds and laughs of  his four elder sisters Grand Duchesses Olga, Maria, Anastasia and Tatiana, from the upper floor.
While the first floor designed in a rather formal way to serve the daily needs of an emperor's summer residence, the second floor looks like a cozy family home.
The first family of Russia moved to this palace in 1911 after its completion but only spent four happy summers before the Russian Revolution which led to their murder.
Unfortunately almost all of the items used by the family lost after the Revolution, but thanks to photography hobby shared by all the members of the family, its possible to see the life in Livadia Palace.


  1. inside it looks like a normal home...sad to know that they were murdered....i am glad they had four summers of fun on the beach....that will have to do.....sure doesn't look like a beach house.....maybe they should have spread the wealth around a little....

  2. Amazing place!!! amazing pictures!

  3. What a beautiful palace! And so packed with history!

  4. Always an amazing story, Nicolas and Alexandra. Thanks for posting this visit.

  5. Love the story (history) of the last czar and his family...I often review it on the History channel.



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