Friday, September 2, 2011


Its been almost a week that we have left hospital. Hubby is resting at our home in İstanbul and taking his medication. He is doing much better. We are hoping to go back to our beach house next week after getting the approval of his doctor.

As we rushed to İstanbul with the first available plane, I dont have with me the necessary stuff for blogging, ie- a proper internet connection, a proper pc, camera...Thank God ( and my laziness) I have the ever reliable unpublished Crimea photos with me.. Here are some more from Sevastopol..

Sevastopol was the so called 'closed city' during the Soviet period as it was the host of mighty Black Sea Fleet of those days. Today it is still hosting them as well as the Ukranian navy. It was totally rebuilt after the 2.WW and today it is still a beautiful city..

Unfortunately we couldnt spend much time there as we found out very late that the translator and the driver who have been hired for us were also visiting the city for the very fist time. Lost so much time just trying to find our way in the city, but still we have managed to visit the famous Panorama museum and drank some cold wine while listening the sounds of the city..


  1. Glad to hear that things are looking up!

  2. keeping everything crossed for you !

  3. Aysegul, I've been away for a few days. As usual, your posts are all so interesting. but this is the one I was looking for, the one that told me your husband is feeling better. Please give him my best wishes.

    Thank you for your beautiful posts.



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