Thursday, December 8, 2011

Hera's Step Sister

Every summer, when crowds are here, so many people love to care and feed cats. Unfortunately when they are leaving at the end of summer, almost all the cats are left behind and most of them perish during the winter months. 

We found this little one 2 weeks ago, struggling to find food among bigger cats. She was quite skinny at that time 
So we decided to semi-adopt her. She is not allowed to come inside the house but always plenty of cat food available for her tummy. She is doing much better now.
Our Hera loves to chase cats if they run but if they dont, she just ignores them. As the little one learned not to run away from her, there is no problem except the feeding time. Hera hates that we are feeding somebody else other than her.So there is always a seperation between them. Look how unhappy she is..


  1. So glad you are taking care of the little one. What a shame people don't realize they are leaving the cats to die after a summer of taking care of them.Good thing there are kind souls like yourself out there!

  2. A sweet cat worthy of saving. I hope Hera will get over her jealousy.

  3. I think ,love solves all problems,with my best wishes.

  4. Step sister, out on the step--now I get it.

  5. Tepedeki fotoğraflar ne güzel Ayşegül! Ferahlık hissi veriyor.

  6. so cute!!! before long they will be best of friends. this reminds me of a book i have called "cats in the sun" ..the cats of greek island in all their antics! very kind of you to see she needed the care!

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  8. Bless you for feeding this poor little cat! How dainty she is!

  9. Oh dear, poor Hera! I'm sure our Boz would feel the same way. You are very good to take care of this cat.



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