Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Resting Almond style..

Today we finally have the honour to meet face to face with one of the most popular figures of our shores Almond the seal. I wrote about Almond on the blog before. He is a Mediterranean monk seal who was rescued as an orphaned pup and underwent rehabilitation for sometime and then released. However he never returned to wildlife 100%.  Today we found him at Hayıtbük- a small bay in our peninsula.

Bugün bu kıyıların en önemli şahsiyetlerinden biri olan Badem ile tanışma fırsatımız oldu. Badem hakkında blogda daha önce de yazmıştım.Öksüz kalmış, rehabilitasyona alınmış ve tekrardan denize salınmış bir Akdeniz fokudur kendisi..Bugün kendisini Hayıtbük'te güneşlenirken bulduk..
 Well, he barely opened his eyes to acknowledge us, but its still something in the mid of a deep sleep..

Bize bakmak için gözlerini sadece kısa bir süreliğine hafifçe aralasa da,  tam dinlemesinin ortasında yine de hiç yoktan iyidir. 

We entered the new year with tons of rain and hail. But as always it lasted very short and today here we are enjoying a beautiful day..

Yeni yıla, sıkı bir yağmur fırtınası ve dolu eşliğinde girdik ama her zaman olduğu gibi çok kısa sürdü. Bugün ise burada harika bir günün keyfini çıkartıyoruz..


  1. he is a sweetie!....hope the boat owners like him too! happy is going to be a seally year......

  2. He must have a lot of power to jump into the boat.


  3. Ayşegül hanım bu fox evcilleşmişmi,masum masum güneşleniyor vede sahiplenmiş motoru,kolaylıkve başarı dileklerimle

  4. The seal is cute. How lucky you are!

  5. That would be exciting to find, though I wouldn't want to clean my boat up afterward. Happy new year. You are my most exotic blogger and I love your blog.

  6. The look on his face says, "Yes! Worship me! I am a star!"

  7. For many years, we had a similar neighbour around our small Pacific Northwest island, a harbour seal that had been rescued as an orphan, hand-raised in a bathtub by a marine biologist who lives here. She responded to her name "Lucille" and tourists delighted to see her follow our little ferry along when she was in the mood. . .

  8. What a cute little(big) guy! Hope your new year is full of good fortune! Take care, Jennifer:)

  9. Wow, this is amazing, to see a domesticated seal! I am surprised he hasn't upended the boat though. He's is hardly a lightweight:-) I LOVE your blog btw, this is my first visit. I came to you via Dina at Jerusalem Hills. I am having a happy time wandering through Istanbul again. I visited in 1994. With kind regards from a small town in NZ



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