Friday, January 20, 2012


When weathers are cold, salep is a favorite drink for almost everybody in Turkey. It is made with mixing hot milk with the flour, made from grinding the dried tubers of a special type of wild orchid. This sweet drink survived centuries and today it is one of the great flavours of Turkish cuisine as well as Ottoman's..

Havalar soğuduğunda, salep Türkiye'nin genelinde çok sevilerek içilen bir sıcak içecektir.Bir tür yabani orkidenin toprak altında kalan yumrularının kurutularak elde edilen tozunun sıcak süt ile karışımından yapılır. Osmanlı mutfağının olduğu kadar, Türk mutfağının da çok sevilen bu içeceğinin yüzyıllardır süren yolculuğu devam ediyor..  

We love to drink ours by adding lots of cinnamon.

Biz bol tarçınlı içmeyi seviyoruz...

First photo of saleps are from the website of my favorite Turkish chef Refika Birgül. She tries them with banana pure.

İlk fotoğraf en sevdiğim şef Refika Birgül'ün sitesinden..Refika saleplerine muz karıştırmayı denemiş..


  1. Oh nice! Glad you are keeping warm. I saw two very different containers of steaming salep in our market a few days ago and have been wanting to post the photos. Now your beautiful post convinced me to join you. OK if mine links to yours?

  2. Salep looks splendid & superb. Amazing drink that has survived centuries after the Ottoman Empire

  3. Thank you for visiting - I am so glad you finally go through! This is just delicious - I can smell the cinnamon!

  4. i've tried salep once and it tasted really, really good!
    it's nice at this time of year.

    wonderful shots!


  5. i would love to try it. i will have to keep my eyes open if i ever see it anywhere
    ~laura xx

  6. i have never heard of this, sounds very good!

  7. I like cinnamon and it is healthy too, so I would try your recipe:)

  8. I could use some of that right now. It's snowing outside and is so cold. I hope all is well with you in your new home.

  9. That top photo's lovely. Salep sounds delicious!

  10. My husband is Turkish and he just loves this drink. We can't get it here but he mentions it sometimes that he has a craving for it........Love your photo.

  11. Görsellere ve ifadeler ve tanıtıma bayıldım :)



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