Tuesday, August 21, 2012

August Laziness...

I cant believe that I only wrote 1 post this month..Last 3 weeks were very hot and after our morning walks and swim, we mostly chosed to stay inside and spent rather lazy afternoons until the sun let us to go outside and play again...
So in those lazy afternoons we read many many books, watched many many films, enjoyed delicious naps and when I got bored I made some polka dot vases with some left over paint and stickers..

But most of all we made plans for the coming autumn and winter months..Especially the travel part was so much fun..So far we decided to go with the two of them. Towards the end of September it will be the ancient Greek city of Sagallassos located in the southwestern Turkey..Amazing discoveries and restoration projects are going on there and we have to see it with our own eyes...

 photo: wikipedia

Last but not the least we are travelling to Morocco at the beginning of November..It's been more than 10 years passed since my last visit and I cant wait to stroll in the souks and narrow streets of that colorful country...

photo :

Although I was so lazy on the blogging side, facebook page of Turquoise Diaries was and still very active..I like to post many photos from our daily life. I am finding it as a very efficient way to communicate and just like a  mini blog..Please check us at:


  1. We also are enjoying the lazy life. Pre 9:30am and post 7:30pm is the only time brain and body seem to co-operate.

  2. I'm the opposite...heat and sun make me busy....but then our heat is probably not as intense as yours!

  3. We are very tired of this heat too!
    Benny & Lily

  4. Doesn't exactly sound as though you have been lazy! Quite afternoons out of the hot sun - sounds wise to me! Enjoy this this creative time. Fx

  5. I'm excited to see your travel photos, Aysegul.

  6. The same laziness here, even if we are for 5 weeks already in our chalet at the mountains. It is very hot. Thanks for the tip about Sagallassos. I wish you a nice travel to Morocco!

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