Monday, August 27, 2012

One of those days....

Yesterday I found out that, our vacuum cleaner is not working and today its the dish washer. Guys from the service just came and picked both of them to repair. They will probably be back in a couple days of time. In the meantime our floor just looks like a replica beach thanks to all the sand Hera brings home from her countless swims and rolling on the sand... In the meantime I have a tons of dish to wash from yesterday and today and did I tell you that its also so HOT....

Dün elektrik süpürgemizin bozulduğunu fark ettim, bugün de bulaşık makinesi iflas etti. Biraz evvel servisten gelip ikisini de aldılar.Bir kaç gün içinde geri gelecekmiş. Bu arada yerler, Hera'nın denize girip sahilden sürekli eve taşıdığı kumlar nedeniyle mini bir kumsal havasında..Dün kü ve bu sabahki bulaşıklar ise dağlar gibi yığılmış beni bekliyor..Bir de havanın gerçekten çok sıcak olduğunu söylemişmiydim..

 It would be a perfect crises situation for the old me but the new me has totally different priorities so when I spotted these flowers on the neighbours garden in the middle of all these mess, I thought its much important and joyful to play with them and with my camera..As for the floor and the dishes they could wait for me forever...

Eskiden olsa bu tam bir kriz durumu oluştururdu, ama Datça'da yaşamak insanın önceliklerini değiştiriyor. Şu anda komşunun bahçesinde yeni fark ettiğim bu çiçekler ve fotoğraf makinemle oynamak çok daha öncelikli..Yerler ve bulaşıklar ise beni sonsuza kadar bekleyebilirler...


  1. Such lovely pictures and the household chores will wait. Any way it is far too hot there for house work. I am back in UK where it is cold and raining! I am looking for a flight back soon!

  2. I have this plant in my garden but have never known it's name. My neighbours call it "blue jasmine" but it doesn't look like a jasmine.

    1. I dont know their name either but they are so lovely.....

  3. Pretty, pretty. Mom doesn't like when everything starts breaking
    Benny & Lily

  4. Brava - a wise choice indeed - the flowers as far more important. Great photos - amazing colour. Fx

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