Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Sea Glasses

I always like sea glasses without knowing particularly why and collected a lot of them during my summers and now winters at the beach..I think I found the answer when I read this piece..

'…The shard of cobalt blue sea glass you’ve just found was once a bottle until it outlived its original purpose and was cast into the sea. There, amids the tumult of elements, raging waters dense with salt the bottle churned against rock and reef breaking it into ever smaller pieces.

Smoothed by the very silica from which the bottle was created by man deploying technology, its edges and surface being reclaimed bit by tiny bit until all that remains is a piece of glass the size of a finger nail, smoothed by years of ebbing tides which appears at your feet. Why do we as humans discard the original bottle yet cherish the tiny fragment of its former self? Does knowing what it was mitigate or enhance the delight in finding it? As someone whose own efforts sometimes pluck the sensual soft shards of gren, aqua,amethyst, blue, cobalt, once clear and now frosted glass from ocean beaches far and wide I know that what I cherish is the connection to the impossible journey that brought this ‘’treasure’’ to me. That it still remains and is now in my hand is chance of discovery and infinite possibility..'

Above paragraphs are from this book. LOVE the name and the book.

As for the above photo,I couldnt trace the original source so dont know which talented photographer took it.


  1. It is certainly fascinating.


  2. So cool! Mom always looks for that stuff
    Benny & Lily

  3. I good photo and nostalgic thoughts...

  4. Beautiful. Thinking of you today and glad you live at the peaceful beach.

  5. Great to find and follow your blog! Thanks for your visit to mine and the lovely comment.




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