Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Morrocan Blues

There is no better way to get that feeling of ''back to reality''than finding yourself sitting in the dentist's chair in the morning just the day after of your return.
So here I am sitting with four temporary teeth while waiting my brand new ones but in the meantime my gums hurt and a bill almost as large as our Morrocan trip expenses waiting to be paid..
But dont worry this post will cover all the colors of Morocco not only blue.....

Gerçek hayata dönüş için seyahatten döndüğünüzün hemen ertesi günü kendinizi dişçi koltuğunda bulmaktan daha iyi bir yol yok sanırım.
İşte burada, yepyeni  dişlerimin gelmesini bekliyorum ama hem diş etlerim çok ağrıyor hemde dişçiye ödenmesi gereken neredeyse bir Fas gezisi daha yaptıracak büyüklükte bir fatura beni bekliyor..
Ama merak etmeyin bu post'da karamsar renkler yerine Fas'ın capcanlı renkleri olacak...


  1. nothing like the moroccan blue...good luck with your dentist appointment..soon you will have beautiful shiny teeth : )

  2. Our friend bought a beautiful rug when she was in Morocco
    Benny & Lily

  3. Stunning stunning stunning - wow an assault on the senses. Hope you recover soon from the dreaded D! poor you - take care. F x

  4. It was awfully nice of you to post these lovely pictures for us when your teeth are not feeling so good. Feel better soon!

  5. I've tried to comment so many times on your blog and it looks like you've finally changed your system. Hello! I love all the images you post from Datca.
    Greetings from Oz x

  6. Such beautiful, yet simple photos.

  7. love the bold colors! especially love the photo of the steps, feel better!

  8. I'm sorry for you and your pain, Turquoise Diaries! Hope you feel better now. We are waiting for the Morrocan stories.

    These photos are excellent! So colorful and diverse. I love them all.

  9. fotoğrafları kompozisyonlama tarzınız çok başarılı



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