Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Bear's Fruit

I dont know what their real name is..Some says golden strawberry but there are other funny names like old woman's fruit or bear's fruit. There are rumours that you could get drunk by eating too much of it. There are even people swearing seeing drunk bears around this fruit tree.
It's easy to find them in the Aegean side of our peninsula. That's where we picked them. And for the record, NO we did not get drunk and NO we did not see drunk bears around AND they taste delicious...

PS: My English reading friends could jump over to  my blogger friend's pages in Bodrum to get some real information about this fruit. Somebody even composed a song about them.......l

Gerçek adları ne bilmiyorum. Kimileri altın çilek diyor ama kocakarı yemişi ya da ayı yemişi gibi komik adları da var.Dediklerine göre çok yerseniz sarhoş olabilirmişsiniz...Hatta kimi rivayetler bunların etrafında sarhoş ayıları görenlerin bile olduğu..Datça yarımadasının Ege taraflarında bol bol bulunuyorlar ve geçen hafta sonu bizde oralardan topladık...Ve kayıtlara geçmesi için yazıyorum. HAYIR sarhoş olmadık ve HAYIR etrafta sarhoş ayı görmedik VE gerçekten çok lezzetliler....


  1. Thanks for the link - It's a surprise to me that so few people in the Aegean pick these fruits. I was introduced to them about 30 years ago by a friend of my husband and have looked out for them ever since. There seems to be a bumper crop this year.

  2. They look very...nice in your photos! I didn't know these are edible but I will go to the link you offered and read more. Thanks!

  3. Gorgeous photos as always : ) Enjoy Datca, best wishes, Ozlem

  4. Hi there! I came over to your blog from Back to Bodrum's! You have some beautiful photos of this funny fruit! Glad to find your blog too!

  5. Hi again! Where is my comment?? It's disappeared! Anyway, just to say that I came over from BtoB's blog to read yr post about this unusual fruit! Lovely pictures.

  6. Wow, you're living my dreams! Thanks for sharing the information and gorgeous photos. I can't wait to get down there for retirement myself. I remember eating them in Beykoy the first year I arrived in Istanbul but don't remember how it tasted. I'll try them again. BTW what else can you do with the fruit besides eating fresh? Thank you.



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