Sunday, December 9, 2012

Sunday blues...

A typical Mediterranean day outside..Wind, sun and rain continuosly playing with each other...

But inside its all about a lazy Sunday full of,

  • pink roses from the garden
  • writing travel journal
  • green tea with a dash of cinnamon 
  • chocolate chip cookies for lunch ( I told you its a lazy Sunday!!)
  • hearing the sound of wind and the waves

  •  always a great company,our sweet Hera
  • music coming from inside
  • hubby cooking the dinner for tonight
  • and as always playing with the camera..
  • a short blogpost to share my Sunday and photos..


  1. Wonderful image of the sea and sky! It looks so much like Rhodes in the wintertime! I love it there off-season! The light is amazing... I call it "painters' light"!
    Enjoy your cozy home... by the way, beautiful photos! I love the details... and sweet Hera in the background!
    Love from the Alps :)

  2. These photos are so beautiful and tranquil. Such a contrast to the chilly view outside my window! Still, I can share in the green tea with cinnamon experience while I too wait for the husband to prepare a meal. I've never had cinnamon with green tea before so thank you for the idea. Sarita

  3. What lovely photos. Green tea with cinnamon does sound like a good idea, also wildly healthy, right?

  4. Felt like I was right there with you:)

  5. that's my kind of Sunday, enjoy :)

  6. Beautiful! With minus 16 degrees outside and over 20 cm of snow, this is the way I spend my days too...:)

  7. Beautiful. But no photos of cookies?

  8. The sea, your green tea and the roses, and the vase everything looks very welcoming and cozy, and indeed a perfect way to spend a lazy Sunday!



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