Sunday, September 19, 2010

Men and Women of Allah

I have got badly hit by another round of summer flu...While there is a beautiful day and a lake like Mediterranean waiting and calling me outside, I am trying to gain my health...So far my days are passing with taking lots of liquid, pills, sleeping and reading..

So while surfing on the net I came across with the latest collection of the young Turkish fashion designer Erkan Coruh.. With the rising of the İslamic forces in my country, the name of his collection 'The Men & Women Of Allah' was quite eye catching...

The concept of his collection is based on the idea of ''hybridization'' between classic and radical by creating diologue on differences.

With this collection he is questioning the role of women and men in the paradoxical reality of Islamic way of life in the modern world..
I kind of like what he is trying to do and definitely love some of the pieces but hope never forced to wear some other pieces. For the rest of his collection please check


  1. I am intrigued by some of the fashions in Islamic dress. In Egypt, you can walk into most Islamic wear stores and find very revealing clothing... along with beautifully decorated headdresses. I say that as long as women feel compelled to cover their heads and dress modestly, why not do so with a bit of fashionable flair? I have friends who wear head covers, and I think they still look attractive because the available fashions allow them to do so. Fashion is such a driving force in any culture, and it's great to make the best of it.

    An interesting post!

    And, take good care of yourself, and get well soon. :-)


  2. Interesting post.. The right top image is quite fashionable.. reminds me of an english designer .. just can't think of the name at present..

    I remember last year watching an interesting documentary about swimwear here in Australia.. In order to create harmony.. many islamic girls are joining the surf life saving clubs and one clever girl designed some suits that covered all their body/head but still allowed them to swim freely.. Personally I would find that quite restrictive.. but great that people can adapt in both fashion and opinions..

    Hope you feel better soon.. sad to waste the last of your beautiful summer.. xxx Julie

  3. Amazing photos! You document culture and Islamic fashion so wonderfully.

    Hope you get better really soon, my friend!

    B xx

  4. Hello Aysegul,yes there are some very beautiful pieces in his collection and besides that he is making a statement,fashion as conceptual art, I like it.It scares a little,makes you smile a little,makes you think...
    Sorry to hear summerflu hit you again,wishing you a soon recovery and all the best.Renilde

  5. Oh my, what an intriguing look! You live in a beautiful area, I just enjoyed having a look around here. Hope you get to feeling better soon too! ~Lili

  6. most interesting..

    aysegul, feel better soon!

  7. They're beautiful as works of art. Definitely provocative, as I think he means to be. I wonder why one must cover the head, yet it's okay to leave parts of the body exposed?

  8. Very intriguing..... I do wonder about coveirng the head but I can see the point of covering other parts - less is more and all that. But the head ??

  9. Interesting post as always ;)
    Hope you feel better soon!!!

  10. Fascinating mix, and utterly unique.

  11. Wonderfully strange.
    Glad he has the freedom to make and title such a collection.



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